Finding Hope ~ By Emma

“Finding Hope

It cannot be found in fear, anger or when overwhelmed.

Hope must be cared for. It has to be nurtured and fed yummy treats.  Hope needs love and trust to grow.

Many people give up on hope because they are told it is not realistic and they need to face reality.

But what is reality?

Do you prefer living with hope or without it?

I prefer to be hopeful.”

*This post was written by Emma, including the title and she chose the accompanying photograph.*

This photograph is what Emma chose to represent hope.  It is a pine cone resting atop her great grandfather's tombstone.

This photograph is what Emma chose to represent hope. It is a pine cone with a metal heart, resting atop her great grandfather’s tombstone.

15 responses to “Finding Hope ~ By Emma

  1. Ariane, are these your (beautiful) words or Emma’s. I loved the ‘yummy treats’ part

  2. Isabel Schwartz

    Emma, this is what Lenny wrote about hope in 2010. “Hope opens door to happiness. If we can have hope we can be positive about life. People wishing to be cured heal faster if they help themselves by hope. Hope comes from self and not by other people telling you to be hopeful.”
    Lenny Schwartz, March 28, 2010

  3. I prefer to be hopeful as well, Emma. Sometimes the nitty-gritty of day-to-day living makes us lose track of it but I appreciate the fact that you reminded us so beautifully! Do keep sharing your thoughts, Emma!

  4. Pine cones are so full of the seeds of new life. You’re so amazing Emma to link that symbol with your ancestors. We all need their blessings to keep the seeds of hope alive even in the darkest moments. Seeds root in the dark and head for the light. You Emma, and Noah and all your tribe are kin to the angels…keep blessing us…thank you for your patience when we forget, judge, and lessen hope.

  5. Beautiful Emma! I always leave here with something to think about, whether the words are yours or your mom’s. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I’m in awe, Emma helps me continue to strive forward, to never give up on hope, it’s too delicate to let simply slip through our fingers in today’s society, Emma ye are a true gem in a world of coal ❤

  7. Emma you are amazing! I’m in awe on a daily basis from your simple delicate and oh so profound wisdom, if only we all simply followed our hearts and listened to what it tries to tell us. Instead life and our busy life styles dictate to us all. HOPE is everything, without it what do we truly have, nothing! ❤

  8. I prefer to be hopeful too. But today hasn’t been a nice day so I needed reminding.

  9. Emma, you’re excellent in so very many ways 😉

  10. Emma, you have described the fragile beauty of hope so well here. Thank you. x

  11. Great poem Emma. I prefer to be hopeful as well I don’t know how hopeless people get through life.

  12. Lovely words, Emma. Hope is indeed highly important to life. For what is life without hope? Dreary and depressing. No one wants that. (No one sane, at least! 🙂 ) No, hope is a good thing, and keeps us going in the dark of night.

    It’s a lovely photo as well – I thought so even before I read the caption detailing what it was and where it was located.

    🙂 tagAught

  13. Thank you so much for sharing this, Emma. I certainly prefer to life with hope than without it. I agree that hope can’t be found in fear or anger, but often is found in love and understanding.


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