Blogs & Blog Posts Written by Non-Speaking Autistics:

Amy Sequenzia
Ann’s Blog – Opinions Learned From RPM and Autism
Ari’s Blog – Pixie Perceptions
Barb Rentenbach
Ben Kingston – The True Ben Kingston
Brayden’s Blog
Carly’s Voice
Cindi’s Blog
DJ Savarese
Emma’s Messiah Miracle of Music
Henry Frost
Hope for Autistics
Ido in Autismland – Ido Kedar
Jamie Burke
Joey Lowenstein
Larry Bissonnette
Matteo’s Advice
Matteo’s Loving Blog
Non-Speaking Autistic Speaking – Amy Sequenzia
Not Too Trapped – Pablo
Peyton Goddard
Philip Reyes  (This is his mom’s blog, but Philip often writes on it too.)
Roses are Red for Autism
Sarah Stup
Sydney Edmond
Tito Mukhopadhyay
Tracy Thresher
Unlocking Voices (group blog)

Blogs Written by Autistics:
An Autism Dad
A Quiet Week 
Autism and Empathy
Autism Experts
Autistic Aloha – Steve Summers
Autistic Hoya
Battle of A Girl With PTSD
Bunny Hopscotch
Coyote Tooth
Cracked Mirror in Shalott
Donna Williams
Drive Mom Crazy – Jason Ross
Dude, I’m an Aspie
Evil Autie
Gareeth’s Blog
Gretchen Leary
I’m Somewhere Else
It’s Bridget’s Word
Judy Endow
Just Stimming
Life With Aspergers
Married, With Aspergers
Mr. Asperger
Musings Of An Aspie
Mz Schadenfreude
Neurocosmopolitanism – Nick Walker’s blog
Neurodiversity and College
Paul Isaac’s Blog – Autism From the Inside
Paula Durbin-Westby Autistic Blog
Radical Neurodivergence Speaking
Raven’s Wing Poetry
Shaping Clay
Square 8
S.R. Salas
The Autistic Me
The Caffeinated Autistic
The Third Glance
Thinking in Words
Tiny Grace Notes
Unstrange Mind
We Are Like Your Child – A collective blog.  All posts written by “adult autistics (and the occasional allistic disabled person)s”
Yes, That Too

Autistic Led Organizations:

Autistic Women’s Network
ASAN (Autistic Self Advocacy Network)

Disability Blogs:

Bipolar: Neurodiversity
Down Wit Dat
Girl With the Cane
Life and Living With Cerebral Palsy
That Crazy Crippled Chick

Other Blogs & Organizations:

Halo – Rapid Prompting Method

Books Written by Autistic People:

A Field Guide To Earthlings: An Autistic/Asperger View of Neurotypical Behavior by Ian Ford
And Straight on Till Morning: Essays on Autism Acceptance Editor: Julia Bascom
Autism and The Myth of the Person Alone Edited by Douglas Biklen
Beyond the Silence by Tito Mukhopadhyay
Black and White by S.R. Salas
Born On A Blue Day: Inside the Extraordinary Mind of an Autistic by Daniel Tammet
Danson: The Extraordinary Discovery of an Autistic Child’s Innermost Thoughts and Feelings by Danson Mandela Wambua and Michele Pierce Burns
How Can I Talk If My Lips Don’t Move? by Tito Mukhopadhyay
Ido in Autismland  by Ido Kedar
i am intelligent by Peyton and Dianne Goddard
I Love Being My Own Autistic Self: A thAutoons Book by Landon Bryce
I might be you
by Barb Rentenbach and Lois Prislovsky
I Think I Might Be Autistic
by Cynthia Kim
Any book
by Judy Endow
Living Independently on the Autism Spectrum
by Lynne Soraya
Loud Hands: Autistic People, Speaking 
Nothing Is Right
by Michael Scott Monje Jr.
Really, Really Like Me
by Gretchen Leary, Illustrated by Dani Bowman
The Gold of the Sunbeams by Tito Mukhopadhyay
The Mind Tree by Tito Mukhopadhyay

The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida
Twirling Naked in the Streets – and No one Noticed
by Jeannie Davide-Rivera

Books Written by Autistic, Non Autistic and Others:

Both Sides of the Table:  Autoethnographics of Educators Learning and Teaching With/In [Dis]ability Edited by Phil Smith
Autism and Representation Edited by Mark Osteen
Autism:  Sensory-Movement Differences and Diversity by Martha R. Leary and Anne Donnellan
Inventing the Feeble Mind: A History of Mental Retardation in the United States by James W. Trent Jr.
Natural Language Acquisition on the Autism Spectrum:  The Journey from Echolalia to Self-Generated Language by Marge Blanc
Reasonable People: A Memoir of Autism and Adoption by Ralph James Savarese
Representing Autism by Stuart Murray
Soma Mukhopadhyay – Halo Center – ALL her books
Speechless by Rosemary Crossley
Annie’s Coming Out by Anne McDonald and Rosemary Crossley
Unstrange Minds by Roy Richard Grinker


Wretches and Jabberers
My Classic Life as an Artist: A Portrait of Larry Bissonnette
Autism is a World
Vectors of Autism
Loving Lampposts

28 responses to “Resources

  1. Fantastic resource list, and I am honored to be on it! I’m thankful for your friendship, Ariane. That’s an honor too! My love to you!

  2. Wow! What a useful and extensive list! (And I, too, am honoured to be included.)

    Thank you for the work you are doing to support and broaden the reach of perspectives that support neurodiversity – focused particularly the perspectives of Autistic people.

    Yes! This is made of win!

    (((Hugs))) and love to you, Araine ❤

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  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!!!!! Really inspiring to hear you write about this, you have truly inspired me to fight harder to make a change in people’s mentalities happen, for us to actually start designing new forms of non-verbal communication to allow non-verbal autistic people and beyond to truly start expressing themselves and being understood! 🙂 🙂 Sending you all the love in the world, from the heart of a girl who’s never been able to fully communicate with her non-verbal brother, Joshua. Please never stop this inspiring work that you’re doing and know that all the hard work really is making a change ❤ all my love, Emily Gardner, London xxxxxxxx

  6. What a great resource list, Ariane. Thanks so much for sharing. Have you come across any blogs or other writing by/about people with SPD? And by/about women with “high functioning” (sic) Aspergers?

  7. Thanks a lot for this rich and generous sharing. Us a dad of two autists childs from Morocco, i learn much in your blog. Many thanks again.

  8. Helen Thurlow

    Wonderful to have such an extensive list of resources, thank you.

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  12. thank you so much for your blog. i am autistic and your blogspace is like a sanctuary for me. i really appreciate your perspective and the compassion and understanding with which you write. 

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  16. I’m honoured to be on this list, Ariane. I learn so much from this blog…thank you.

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  18. Thank you for this phenomenal list of resources. I don’t have any living children, but I have friends with children on the spectrum, non-speaking, physically and/or mentally “other abled” and I want to have resources to not only share with my friends, but to learn more about the different ways I can communicate and be there with them, parents and their awesome children! I want to be someone who can help, not hinder. Thank you again. I learn so much every day and hope I can make a positive difference in the world of at least one child.

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  20. My blog contains a HUGE list of Autistic Blogs (by those with). Please add it to your list. Thank you. Maintaining and improving this list is my contribution to the Autistic Community.

  21. Greetings!

    Thank you for your blog and this list. May you please consider adding my blog to this list under “Blogs Written By Autistics”? Thank you in advance!

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  23. I have really loved reading the writings Emma has posted – such a gift that she has found her voice! I am an adult who has discovered late in life that I am on the spectrum. I was surprised that your resource list doesn’t include the work of Donna Williams – another non-speaking autistic woman who found her voice through typing (when she was 20). Donna has written many books and sadly for us she died last year. I found her experiences very different from my own but so appreciated her insights into how her mind worked.

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