Posting Under Pressure

I’m working on a post of my interview with Henry and Kamila Markram when I was in Jerusalem attending the ICare4Autism Conference.  Henry and Kamila Markram are the neuroscientist team who created The Intense World Theory For Autism.  I am trying to finish that for tomorrow’s post.  However, Em is up right now and insisting I made cake with her and that takes precedence over this post getting written.   Besides she has a timer which she’s just set for fifteen minutes.  She started with three minutes, but I’ve negotiated for the fifteen, so I’ve got just enough time to post these photos…

Say hello to Walter.  Yup, he’s one of three bucks who lives next to the barn.  And yes, my cousins named him…  Walter, after my grandfather.  Yeah, I know.  It is a specific sense of humor.  And yes it appears it is genetic.

The teepee that has been on the property since the 70’s or maybe even the 60’s, I can’t remember.  I just know it’s been here almost as long as I have been on this earth.

The dogs – Folgen & Gaia – who love nothing more than to have their frisbee thrown to them.  Emma likes it when I throw their frisbee too.  They just don’t like giving it back to me so that I can throw it again.  Which leads to lots of yelling, “Drop it!  Drop the frisbee!”  And then they do this…

And when they’ve had enough running after the frisbee they take it far away and guard it.  Like this.

We have been playing some massive games of Duck, duck, goose and even Granma has started to run when picked.  My brother and sister-in-law are here so  the game has become a nightly event with lots of laughter and shouting, “Hurry, hurry, SIT, SIT!”

Emma waits to be chosen…

Nic has mastered the art of driving the 4-Wheeler and now takes Em around the ranch.

Em takes the Alien swimming

Whew!  That’s it, I’ve got 42 seconds to hit the “Publish” button!

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18 responses to “Posting Under Pressure

  1. 42 second of fabulous ok?

  2. Neuorscientist team? Your forgiven; a sacrifice for your child is noted.

  3. Oops!!! You’re even forgiven. I have no saving grace. Lol

  4. Emma is right, cake trumps almost everything in life! 🙂

  5. The pictures are gorgeous! My golden would never drop the frisbee either. The doggies are beautiful. Looks like the whole crew is having a blast. I want a 4 wheeler as Brett loves them too. We rented a golf cart at the campground to take him on for a 1/2 hour. Best $15.00 I have spent in a long time. He was so excited! :O)

  6. Ariane, can I ask what Emma’s current school situation is? Doesn’t she have a private tutor, or go to private school?

    Marisa starts “fourth grade” Wednesday. It nauseates me to even call it that. Two years and they’ll send her off to the junior high school. 😦

    She is in the only autism based program in the district. I guess it doesn’t matter, since we can’t afford any different options. 😦

    Here I go again, being a total bummer….

    Love the pics you posted, btw. Colorado is just about as beautiful as it gets! I’ve traveled very little in life, but have been there a few times and just loved it.

    • Em had been going to a private school for Autistic kids in Manhattan. They didn’t delineate with grades, but put kids into classes with similar skills and roughly similar ages. We have been increasingly less happy with it as the years have gone by and so begged the BOE to recommend a placement we could seriously consider. Finally they did, or at least we hope it will be a good placement. Most of the other private schools we’ve looked at either would not take Emma because she wasn’t up to the level they required or it was no better and often worse than the school she was already in. She will be attending public school this fall. I am probably more anxious and worried about this than she is. But I am hoping the school will welcome parental involvement. Sadly NONE of the school’s staff seem to have read as much as I have and I don’t mean this in any self-congradulatory way, just as a matter of fact. It saddens me that schools do not have people who are better informed, but then this is also the case with almost everyone I meet who is involved in the field of “autism.” I am not clear on how these people are graduating with advanced degrees and yet have not read, what seems to me should be, the basic requirements in autism.

  7. The photos are beautiful – I love the pet pics. It looks like Emma had a great time (oh, the joys of a hose and a kiddie pool:-)

    • “The joys of a hose and a kiddie pool” reminded me of years ago when I found both children in the kitchen sitting on the floor banging on the lids of pots and pans, while all their toys sat in the living room untouched!

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