A Call To Action – “Wake Up The Boys And Grab The Plunger”

6:22AM –   “Honey, I’m hopping  into the shower.  And I mean that literally,” I announced.

“Time to wake up the boys and grab the plunger,”  Richard replied.

“You’re a funny man,”  I said, laughing.  “God I love our life.”

“It’s a good one,” Richard grinned.

A little back story:

Our bedroom is like Grand Central Station.  Allow me to explain and for the record – no, it is not because we’re running some sort of upscale brothel.   Our bedroom is the first place both the children want to be when entering our home.  Is anyone thinking, these people clearly need boundaries?  Well for those who are, you have a valid point.  I don’t agree with it, but it’s valid and for those who were not thinking it, I’ve probably planted that little seed into your minds and NOW you are at least considering the idea.  To you I say… whatever, eye roll and shrug before walking away.  But I digress…

Our children are drawn to our bedroom like bees to the hive.  It’s like some  kind of  vortex, a siren song calling to them.  A place that instills comfort, a feeling of safety and serenity, like a soft, sensual womb.  Or maybe it’s the really big TV screen that calls to Nic and our king sized bed with silky sheets that beckons to Emma, it’s hard to say and I haven’t done a scientific study (pause)  yet.  As a result our bed is in a constant state of unmade disarray, rumpled sheets, pillows abandoned on the floor, mattress askew.  Richard, who, it has to be said, is just a tad compulsive – cough, cough, totally OCD, cough – about the bed being made each morning, is driven to distraction by this state of affairs.  We make our bed at least four times throughout the day.  Richard is rolling his eyes and muttering – What’s she talking about “we”?  I’m the one who’s making it all the time, not her.   But why quibble about the details?  All of that is beside the point.

It is not just our bedroom that draws the occupants of our house, it is our bathroom as well.  We have three bathrooms and yet, the children prefer ours.  Again, I have no answers.  So it is not unusual for Richard and I, as happened last night, to come home from our “date night” to find our toilet clogged.  To be blunt, both our children are cloggers, ‘nuf said.   I’m German, or at least part German and could go on and on about this, but the Swiss part of me is calling for a little restraint, so I will.  Restrain.  Myself.

Because we are busy and somewhat disorganized, we have not gotten it together to purchase more than one plunger for the house.  And last night that one, coveted plunger was not in our bathroom.   Not wanting to risk waking either child to locate said plunger, we opted to leave the toilet seat down and figure it out in the morning.  I know, this is bordering on TMI (too much information).  What?  I’ve already entered into the TMI zone?  Okay, well again, whatever… All of this is in explanation for Richard’s call to action, “Wake up the boys and grab the plunger!”  Personally, I think it’s an excellent way to start the morning. I intend to repeat this, completely out of context, in the coming weeks and months, because, well that’s the way I roll.

As a quick aside,  Emma will be singing in her end of the year performance at her school this morning.  I cannot wait!

Emma took this photograph of our bedroom two days ago.  Can we all appreciate the symmetry, the angle, the lighting…

28 responses to “A Call To Action – “Wake Up The Boys And Grab The Plunger”

  1. Re: photo…..and the Buddha and the books! What about them?

  2. I liked how Emma framed the shelf equidistant from the edge of the picture!

  3. aboveedenhealingarts

    hee hee.. I have 7 kids and 5 of them think my room is the best room ever! We used to have a king sized bed and it was perfect, we down graded once our two youngest got their own room and I’m totally regretting that decision. I didn’t realize I’d always be surrounded by children in my bed (but I love it!)

  4. No wonder everyone congregates there, your room is a wonderful space, and I had to show Meg the photo… she is determined to one day have a library with a ladder!

  5. No wonder the kids love your room, with a bookshelf like that?!!!! I wish MY room had one of those, it’s fantastic! 🙂

    • We are a book family, though Richard and I both read LOTS of books on our readers too!
      How did your orals go? When do you find out? How are you feeling? Are you exhausted? Lots of questions…

  6. Its like a pit of peace. Why would you and most of all Emma want to leave! Its Snarkly.

  7. Wow, your bedroom is gorgeous!! You’d probably have us camping out there if we lived close enough! **lol** I remember being the same way when I was little (minus the clogging). I always wanted to be in my parents room and thought they were really mean when I wasn’t allowed to sleep in their bed anymore. Our kids love our bedroom too, they seem to think the bed is an indoor trampoline. **snort**

    • I did too. Loved getting into my parents bed, which we were only allowed to do if we were very sick. That’s all I remember about having the chicken pox, being able to rest in my parents big bed with my sister who also had them!

  8. Totally off topic but just wanted you to know that I checked out your jewelry site, and am utterly impressed. Your work is just beautiful!

    I also love the bookshelves in your bedroom. That’s the reason I stick to the library, or my house would be over run! 😉

  9. That’s it I am coming to your room too!! I-want-to-go-to-there!

    All those books and pretty colors… Alright I just made myself sound a tad bit strange. Oh, well I am a bit of a nutter! Beautiful room. All the kids pile up in my bed too around here. I think parents beds are WAY better than kids beds, and the room always seem like an awesome fairy tale or something. 🙂
    You had me laughing throughout this post. It was much needed thank you!

  10. great photo 😉 i love the bookshelves! Don’t think i’d be allowed those in my bedroom, everyone else would be afraid i may never leave the room again i have a pic somewhere of a bookshelf where the shelves spell out ‘read your book case

    • one day we’ll build an extension so i can have one of those! When i was growing up, my parents bedroom was the general meeting place. For many years it was the only room in the house that had a tv!

  11. Wow! I have bedroom envy.

    I still find my mother’s bed a comforting place (always more so than mine, even now that I have ‘grown up’ bed) even now, at 30. I think it’s a very good sign if your children love being in/on/under your bed at every possible chance.

  12. That is so great! We were only allowed in my parents bed on special occasions, such as Sunday night when my mother would read to my sister and me, so the idea that this is normal surprises me. But from all the responses, it certainly seems to be!

    • i don’t remember it being the norm for most of my friends, but it was for us – still is at my parents house esp when the grand children are there!

  13. Great pic Emma! I was in bed last night braiding Erin’s hair and Brett was right beside me watching his ipad. I thought to myself…how wonderful this is that they both want to just hang with me! I loved it! Same with our bathroom as well. No one bothers with the other 3 especially in the morning! 🙂 Your room is beautiful!

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