Laura Nagle, Vectors of Autism and Other Exciting News

In response to my post – Losing Sleep, Autism and Strange Noises in NYC – I received a great comment (all the comments I get are great) but I’m referring to one specifically.  It was about the Theory of Mind as well as lack of empathy conclusions Simon Baron-Cohen and others like him have made.  The person who is autistic, wrote:  “But we are not being laughed at, dismissed or ignored anymore. People are arguing with us. That means they hear our message and they are aware that it conflicts with what they have been taught. Their confusion will diminish over time. The people who need to be told what to think will always listen to, and agree with, the loudest voices. And our voices are becoming louder. If we perseverate, then we will persevere.”

In keeping with this thought, you must watch this YouTube video –  A preview for the upcoming “Laura Nagle: Vectors of Autism.”

The 50 minute documentary, which this video is a preview to, will be awaiting me when I return to NYC in July.  I will be reviewing it here and for the Huffington Post.  Leah Kelley has been posting about the documentary and Laura for a while now on her blog – 30 Days of Autism.  In this brief preview Laura talks about how quickly she can read, she says, “I’m good at that” (pause and then laughs) “I’m not good at life.”    I won’t say more as I really want everyone reading this post to please take 5 minutes to watch the video, it is wonderful.

I also want to urge all who are as fascinated and disturbed by some of the various “theories” out there about autism as I am, to go over to the blog – Autistic Hoya.  There are so many terrific posts it was difficult to decide which to add links to, but to begin here are two of my favorites (but the whole blog is an education)  The Dangers Of Misrepresentation and The Other Side Of Disclosure.

I will be covering the Aspen Ideas Festival for the Huffington Post from June 27th – July 3rd, unrelated to autism, but still very exciting.  I have no intention of shirking my posting responsibilities here on Emma’s Hope Book, but may be posting on the run as they say, so please forgive typos and seemingly random thoughts.  On second thought you probably won’t even notice as that’s pretty much the norm for me anyway!   I have been asked to cover the icare4autism conference in Jerusalem, July 31st – August 2nd.  I have accepted their generous offer and am very excited!  A quick back story – when Richard and I first heard about Henry Markram and his Intense World Theory for Autism (this link is an in depth scientific paper.  It is not light reading, but if you’re interested, it is very interesting), we read that he would be giving a talk in Jerusalem in August.  At the time, now more than seven months ago, we joked – wouldn’t it be great if we could go to Jerusalem to hear him?  Just over a week ago I received the invitation and learned that this was the conference he will be presenting at!

And finally, I am including two, completely arbitrary and utterly unrelated photos…  just because… well, because I can and I felt like it and they make me smile and maybe they’ll make you smile too.  Please ignore the dust.

Merlin and the Gator

For a little perspective…

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8 responses to “Laura Nagle, Vectors of Autism and Other Exciting News

  1. I watched Laura Nagle’s video preview. So warm, so empathetic, so intelligent. It helped me see even more into an autist’s world and into the diversity that exists, thankfully, in the world around us.
    Even the photos of Merlin looking at Gator (it’s a cookie jar isn’t it?) with curiosity, is symbolic of a NT looking at an autist, sitting way up there in heaven and yet not suspecting that Gator, the cookie jar, is filled with sweetness. And yet Merlin isn’t upset, angry, fearful, in fact he’s pressed right up against Gator…..

  2. Oh my! What Laura said about housekeeping… THAT IS SO TED!!! I can now photograph his room with no, well, less shame!!! He could care less about being neat! The more voices I hear, the less confusing autism becomes for me because I can actually see the continuum coming to life. Thanks for sharing.

    Congratulations and totally awesome news about going to Jerusalem. Wow! What an adventure and experience. Can’t wait to read the post that come from that. Actually you have a summer of adventures. Enjoy!

    • Thanks so much Life and Ink. When you wrote about Ted, I realized that Emma doesn’t care either, but then my son, Nic couldn’t care less either, so I’m not sure I can draw any conclusions yet as they are both still so young. Em did say the other day, “Have to wash Cokie.” (Her blanket that can smell a bit “ripe” as Richard puts it.

  3. Wow!! You get to go to Jerusalem for an autism conference? That’s so awesome!! And you’ll be in Aspen too!! Last fall, I lived on the other side of the pass from Aspen, in Snowmass CO, and another autistic friend and I got invited to a really cool party at a mansion in Aspen. It was really fun.

  4. Congrats on your conference!!! I am wondering who could climb faster to that spot above the cupboards??? Merlin or Brett!!?? :O) It would be a good race!!! LOL!

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