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Emma’s Letter

Yesterday Soma (for more about Soma, RPM and the Halo Center please click on this link) spoke with Emma about ethanol, fuel and bio fuel, what happens to plants and animals when their bodies decompose, green house gasses, carbon dioxide, fossil fuels, how all of this can affect the economy, and finally Soma asked, “Suppose you are giving a speech at the UN.  What kind of speech would you give?”

Emma gave me permission to quote the speech she then wrote.

“Dear World,

Heat is important, but the world also needs snow.  We must think about the future and use fossil fuel wisely.

Personally, I like car rides, but I am going to walk more.  Walking is good for the heart.”

After we returned to our hotel, I told Em about her Grandpa who had to use a wheelchair when he could no longer walk.  We talked about other ways of getting around and how public transportation, particularly some of New York City’s older subway stations are inaccessible to those who use wheelchairs.  We discussed “green cities” and what that means.  We went to a website to look at photos of “15 Green Cities” and it turns out Austin, Texas is listed as the 15th.

I am too tired and do not have enough time to write more about our first day, and, as always, I need time to process all that has happened and is continuing to happen.

Every day I am being shown that what I believe it means to “presume competence” does not go nearly far enough.  Every. Single. Day.