Emma’s Letter

Yesterday Soma (for more about Soma, RPM and the Halo Center please click on this link) spoke with Emma about ethanol, fuel and bio fuel, what happens to plants and animals when their bodies decompose, green house gasses, carbon dioxide, fossil fuels, how all of this can affect the economy, and finally Soma asked, “Suppose you are giving a speech at the UN.  What kind of speech would you give?”

Emma gave me permission to quote the speech she then wrote.

“Dear World,

Heat is important, but the world also needs snow.  We must think about the future and use fossil fuel wisely.

Personally, I like car rides, but I am going to walk more.  Walking is good for the heart.”

After we returned to our hotel, I told Em about her Grandpa who had to use a wheelchair when he could no longer walk.  We talked about other ways of getting around and how public transportation, particularly some of New York City’s older subway stations are inaccessible to those who use wheelchairs.  We discussed “green cities” and what that means.  We went to a website to look at photos of “15 Green Cities” and it turns out Austin, Texas is listed as the 15th.

I am too tired and do not have enough time to write more about our first day, and, as always, I need time to process all that has happened and is continuing to happen.

Every day I am being shown that what I believe it means to “presume competence” does not go nearly far enough.  Every. Single. Day.



14 responses to “Emma’s Letter

  1. Heeey Ariane, this is definitely a well posted thought we should all definitely consider. Over the past 12 years I’ve been walking more and more. I was just in New York last week and I actually preferred walking for many reasons. I did notice that there were times when on one side of the street you had wheelchair accessibility but on the other side you didn’t and I noticed this so much more because I was pulling my luggage with wheels. Because in Chicago all of downtown underwent a conversion for sidewalks a few decades ago it does make one more conscious of these specific distinctions when I’m in other cities. You always seem to share very valuable and pertinent information on your blog. Thanks for allowing us to see the Beauty of your Insight…have a Great Day!

    • Hi Deremiah! Interesting that you mention Chicago as it is listed as a “runner up” as one of the most “green cities” in the world. New York has a ways to go regarding both being more access friendly for those who cannot walk, as well as making it more bike and pedestrian friendly. It’s getting there and hugely improved in the more than three decades that I’ve lived there, but still could do a lot more.
      I loved what Em said about considering the future!

  2. Ya know, Ariane and Emma, the best part of this letter is that there’s no autism at all. Now, don’t take that the wrong way, you both know I’m all for autism advocacy :). What I’m saying is, way to go, Emma, for caring about and advocating for the environment! 🙂 I think sometimes people see autistic advocates and think the only thing we can possibly care about or write about or think about, is autism and autism advocacy. But you just proved to us all, that your world is bigger than that and I think that is awesome. 🙂 Thanks for that little smile today. 🙂

    • 🙂 So glad this made you smile, it did for me as well. It’s hard work for Em to write all of this and these lessons are packed with information, all of which she retains. Thanks for the encouragement! I am showing Em all the comments that come in.
      PS I hope you’re feeling better. Sending you hugs

  3. Is this your first ‘camp’ with Soma? My son Woody first learned to point and spell with Soma 12 years ago, when she still lived in L.A.. We have been devotees ever since. She is amazing, and she enables our kids to open up like flowers! It is thanks to Soma that I made academics the top priority for Woody, even when the rest of the world was telling me that he was not a candidate for an age-appropriate academic education. I believe that this has made all the difference in Woody’s life. I hope that every non-verbal, under-estimated person with autism has the opportunity to learn and grow through pointing/spelling/typing.

    • No. Emma worked with Soma for the first time last spring. The first camp was in September.

      “I hope that every non-verbal, under-estimated person with autism has the opportunity to learn and grow through pointing/spelling/typing.” Yes! Me too. Me too!

  4. Emma, You are great and I really like your letter. The world of communication is open up for you and letting so many people who love you hear your thoughts and words. Thank You.

  5. I love hearing what Em has to say 🙂

  6. Emma I like snow also, its the best!

  7. Beautiful 🙂

  8. Ariane, Looks like you are back in Austin! I hadn’t been on your blogs in a while so was excited to see how Emma is now answering open ended questions with you. This is exciting. And, Emma, I like your letter to the world. Kim’s books are arriving tomorrow! We are having our book launch party on Saturday. If you are still here, we’d love you to come out. We have over 100 people coming. Kim is very excited!

  9. Great speech I think Emma should address the UN.

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