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Merlin & Emma – Or How To Not Do Something You Don’t Want To Do

6:03AM – Our bedroom

Em:  Hi Mommy!

Me:  Hi Emma!

Em:  It’s six zero three.

Me:  You’re awesome.  Merlin comes over in all his silky, soft adorableness.  Aww…  Look Em.  It’s the kitty.  He is so soft!

Emma smiles at me.  But makes no attempt to pet him and he’s rubbing his body against her.

Me:  Emmy, look at the kitty.  He’s so soft!  I stroke Merlin, who begins purring loudly.  Emma begins to hum a little song.

Me:  Em!  Come on!  Pet Merly.  He’s such a good kitty.  I say this as I stroke Merlin who walks lazily passed Emma towards the end of the bed.

Em:  Oh!  Oh!  I can’t reach!  I can’t reach the kitty!  She says this while in an exaggerated display, extends her arm as though she were trying to pet Merlin.  He is, in fact, within reach.

Richard begins to laugh.

Me:  Emmy!  You can too reach him!  Now Richard and I are both laughing.

Em:  Huge grin and with feigned sadness says – Oh no.  I cannot reach the kitty.  I can’t pet him.  Awwww.  I can’t pet Merly.

I love that kid.

7:30AM – In our study

Em:  Mommy, I want you to help me brush my teeth please!

Me:  Okay Em.  

Me:  (To Richard)  I’m almost finished with this post. I’m keeping it short and sweet.

Richard:  You mean like me.

I love that man.

Walking the walk