Merlin & Emma

Our male black kitty, Merlin doesn’t get a lot of play on this blog.  Mainly because Emma completely ignores him and so, try as I might, I rarely can figure out how to work him in to any posts since Emma’s the star of this blog.  Every now and then I am able to squeeze in some random mention of him, such as these few posts: Do You Think She’s Okay? and Emma’s Photographs, but it’s really a cameo role he’s been relegated to, nothing close to what he deserves.

“Emma, Merlin’s sleeping in the rocking chair, don’t push him off,” Nic cried out last week as Emma tipped the rocking chair on end so he toppled to the ground.  Where upon she happily occupied the rocking chair smiling to herself.

There’s a certain ruthlessness to Emma’s interactions with Merlin.  And while she seems interested in our neighbor’s cat, Lester, asks to visit him and always requests visiting the cats and kittens in the pet store, she appears completely disinterested in Merlin.

“Go see Lester kitty?” Emma asked a couple of weeks ago.

“But what about our kitty?” Richard asked.

“Yeah, Em.  What about Merlin kitty?” Nic chimed in.

“Go see Lester,” Emma said going to the front door as though this was just as good a time as any to pay him a visit.

“Em, we have to call Bob and Cynthia before we go visit.  We can’t just go over there now,” I explained.

“Go see Lester kitty later,” Emma said.

“Yes.  But we can play with Merlin now.  Want to play with Merlin?” I asked.

“No,” Emma said matter-of-factly and walked away.

So when Emma and I were home the other day and Merlin jumped up onto his scratch post, I said, “Oh look, Emma!  Merlie’s come to say hi!”  When she turned to look at him I said, “I bet he’d love it if you pet him.  He loves being pet.”

To my amazement she stroked his back while saying, “Merlie.  Petting Merlie,” as I rushed for the camera.  These are a little out of focus, okay, a lot out of focus because I was hurrying to capture the moment before Emma lost interest.

Merlin gets Emma’s attention

Finally, having waited so long…



Merlin was purring, he was so happy…

A final moment of affection between Merlin and Em

And then it was over.  Who knows if she will revert back to ignoring him or callously pushing him off whatever surface he’s asleep on because she wants to sit there.  Everything changes.

For more on Emma’s journey through a childhood of autism and Merlin’s cameo appearances, go to:

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