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Science Lessons

This past month Emma has been having Skype calls with Dr. C. (PhD in bio-chemistry) Dr. C has been giving Emma science lessons three to four times a week and so far he’s covered cells, cell division, cell mutation, genetics, chromosomes, DNA, nutrition, ecological footprints, world population and so much more.  As we are now homeschooling having people like Dr. C., who volunteered to teach Emma science, has been invaluable. 

 Emma typed the other day that I should put some of the things she’s been learning on the blog.  I haven’t asked Dr. C permission so I cannot write more about their sessions other than to say they’ve been incredible.  Dr. C is a great teacher, is brilliant, passionate and has a great sense of humor.  What follows are two exchanges Emma recently had with him that were particularly great.

Regarding chromosomes:

Dr. C:  One pair is the sex chromosome and you, Emma, have two X chromosomes, while your brother, N. has one X and one Y.
Emma:  Poor N.

Regarding genetics:

Dr. C:  A brown haired mother mates with a blond haired father.  All of their children have brown hair, why is this?
Emma:  Dominant genes do not pay attention to prevailing standards of beauty.

August, 2014

August, 2014