Cures, Fear, Freedom and Some Advice ~ By Emma

Freedom, Fear And Questions concerning Autism

Barking in the terrible terror that comes with being something so feared and hated.
Daring tremendous love for those who fear.
Healing tears for those who are in brutish pain.
Freedom from hurtful words about cures for being a part of the human race.

Help me so I can communicate.
Give me an education so I can learn.
Treat me as you want others to treat you.
Cheer me on.
Remind me of all I am capable of and focus on what hinders you, but don’t hurt me because I do not experience this world as you do.

We can learn from each other, but learning requires an open and willing mind.  Too many have given us fear instead of hope.

Which, when, why, who, where – we ask.

We matter.
We are all capable of being kinder, more compassionate, more loving to others and ourselves.

*A word from Ariane – Emma became very upset while writing this and began banging the table with her fists and then bit herself.  When I asked if she was able to continue, she typed, “No.  No more.  No more.” – I asked her if she was okay with me adding this here.  She typed, “yes.”

Emma ~ 2015

Emma ~ 2015

26 responses to “Cures, Fear, Freedom and Some Advice ~ By Emma

  1. Aww Poor cub 😦 She’s so cool.

    It’s deeply depressing to be someone that people fear and refuse to understand. Which is the sort of stuff I am TRYING TO CHANGE DANG IT!

  2. Beautiful dress! I love reading your posts. I have a 19 year old daughter w/ AS and I am an MFT intern working with the ASD population and their families. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Thank you, Emma, for sharing what hurts and hopes.

  4. Emma, you are so amazing. I love to read your poetry and feel it in my soul. You and your mother have really opened my mind to autism and what that may mean, and to what it may not mean. Please keep sharing.

  5. Emma, this is beautiful. I hope you take comfort in the fact that you are helping to change the path for so many others . I hope our love, respect and gratitude for that comes through to you.

  6. Oh Emma, my heart bleeds for you; it’s such a cruel world, isn’t it! But we know, too, that it’s an extraordinarily beautiful world at the opposite polarity! Did you know that for every negative, one needs 5 positives to balance out things? I WISH I had known that when I was young! What a great challenge it would have been. Still it’s never too late.
    So, here’s wishing you SIX to one, weighted on the side of great joy! 5:0 would be best, but we know what fear, and also jealousy, does to people who haven’t learned to love themselves, don’t we 🙂 xxx

  7. Emma, thank you for working through pain and writing through pain to speak directly to the truth. This is the sign of a great writer. You matter, you are heard, you write like a dream, and you rock!

  8. Emma, you are so generous with your words and your thoughts, you really are changing the world.

  9. Thank you for the courage to share your strong, sad feelings.

  10. Emma, I love the way you write! That was absolutely beautiful! And so true! I feel bad that you got upset, but I also get upset while writing. Everybody tells me my writing is great, but I rarely write outside of school because I have the tendency to break down in tears when writing on my own. Please keep writing! You are such a courageous person! 🙂

  11. Corbett Joan OToole

    Thank you for your brave words Emma. It’s so hard to witness such cruelty in the world. So hard to be an object of derision. I am holding you in my heart and praying for more kindness in the world today.

  12. “Remind me of all I am capable of and focus on what hinders you, but don’t hurt me because I do not experience this world as you do.”

    Wow! My heart was pounding when I read this. Bravo to Emma for her courage and perseverance in dealing with all the people who think autistic people are “broken” and need to be “fixed.”

  13. Thank you for these words Emma, this was relevant to me today. I’ve been trying to point someone who has an autistic child towards resources like this blog, because they talk about their child like her autism is a terminal illness, something dark and grim and tragic. If I can feel it, she can feel it. I think about my own (non-autistic, it would appear) stepson who is the same age, and whether or not he would pick up if his parents and carers felt nothing but hopelessness and depression when we thought about him – of course he would. I hope that child’s guardians find their way here and to other autistic-led resources sooner rather than later, but I feel like they aren’t listening to me because they are deciding I am not ‘as autistic’ as their child, that I’m preaching false hope, etc. I hope they realise soon how harmful that assumption can be.

  14. This is big emma, my dear friend. I am crying now, today I am beginning to learn my own thinking because what I believed in print and by doctor mouths does not mean I can do just whatever I desire. This is different than my ability.
    We grow together friend. Do not focus on those who see you by old eyes. We are finding our way in our own time. Love big emma

  15. Love is All You Need

    ❤ ❤ WE MATTER. ❤ YES Thank you Emma

  16. Emma, thank you for all of this!

  17. You’re such a sweet, strong girl Emma, and such a talented writer xx

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  19. Jen Binder-Le Pape

    Sending lots of love your way Emma ! Changing the world is hard work, and I am in awe of how much you have already accomplished at your young age. Thank you, you are an inspiration to me as I try to help my own beautiful autistic son find his own voice and path to happiness.

  20. Thank you for your words. I know it was painful and hard, but your courage inspires me and all those who have read them.

  21. You matter, Emma. This matters. Thank you.

  22. Emma, I wish I’d known someone like you when I was in high school. You’re awesome. Don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise.

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  24. usethebrainsgodgiveyou

    Emma, fear brings about the Pygmalion effect, where we subconsciously bring about that which we most fear. As a parent, this IS a scary thought. However, Love may bring about the butterfly effect,

    The butterfly effect is a mathematical concept that is used to describe a system in which a very small change in the initial state can cause a very large change in a later state. It is explained here, a little, by altteaching.

    Click to access autism_butterfly_effect.pdf

    I hope you will forgive me, I am of the type that sees correlations, and hunts madly, having been trained a teacher, for how to teach student’s the way they learn. It’s like the two blogs, Emma’s Hope Book, and Alt Teaching had a common thread.

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