A Case for Merlin ~ By Emma

This is Merlin

This is Merlin

Nothing vanishes without questioning Merlin’s participation in the disappearance.  He never admits to wrong-doing, but instead greets the attention with purrs.  Even dog lovers fall under Merlin’s spell, charming the most biased minds to rethink what they had assumed true of all cats.

Merlin is unusual because he plays fetch and follows his favorite humans around with devotion.  If you don’t like cats it is because you have not yet met our Merlin.

But if you ever lose something, don’t blame Merlin.  He had nothing to do with it.

Merlin approved this post.  🐾

Where's Merlin?

Where’s Merlin?

Merlin among the cookie jars.

Merlin among the cookie jars

26 responses to “A Case for Merlin ~ By Emma

  1. We have a cat that thinks he is a dog – he likes to go outside every morning to sniff around the yard, and then comes back inside. For years in the summer he would go outside and spend time with his best friend the neighbors dog. They would lay together in the sun for hours. Sadly the neighbors dog passed a couple of years ago.

  2. Emma – I LOVE this post of yours. I am completely convinced by your argument and agree with you. Anyone who does not like cats has clearly NOT met Merlin. He has changed the minds of many cat hating people in his day and will continue to do so! ❤

  3. I would love to witness Merlin negotiating his way to that precarious point! He clearly identifies with cookie jars, and might even have been mistaken for one if he didn’t have those piercing eyes 🙂 ❤

  4. I love cats! They make me calm down when I’m having a meltdown. We used to have a doglike cat in our neighborhood who visited our house more often than his owners! Sadly, he got hit by a car. 😦 Merlin sounds like an awesome cat! Keep up the great writing Emma! 🙂

    • Oh no! Merlin is a New York City cat, so he’s never actually been outside, which is kind of incredible when I think about it, having grown up in the country.

      • There are too many dangers in big cities for cats. If only cars would not be in such a hurry! The doglike cat was a stray on the farm while he was a kitten, so he refused to be a indoor cat. The owners, while very nice, were often out of the house more than us. He came over to our house to get more attention. The only thing was we weren’t allowed to feed him and he refused to travel back to the owners for food, so we would put him in the car and take him back. Sadly we can’t have a cat of our own because of an allergic person in our household. it’s too bad because we’re all cat lovers! I am glad that we have animals on the planet that can turn an animal hater into a lover. 🙂

  5. Emma, as you know, we adopted Merlin for you and Nic, because I really disliked cats. Then Merlin began following me everywhere I went like a second shadow and I quickly fell in love. Now I love all cats! How cool is that???

  6. I love Merlin!

    This reminds me of my college roommates’ cat Carly, who would steal and hide my things when she was mad at me, especially if I’d put candles or things on HER windowsill, and then give them back when she was trying to get out of trouble.

  7. Although I’m more of a dog person, I’ve seen a video of Merlin playing fetch and you’re right, he’s irresistible. ❤

  8. I love dogs AND cats and pretty much everything else (Argon counted up 21 pets that we’ve had!) but you have to admit that dogs are inherently good and cats are inherently evil. In the nicest possible way of course.

  9. love it! my god father has two cats that greet him when he comes home with hugs and kisses, and they also join him each morning for prayer and listening to him sing and play on his guitar. 🙂

  10. That photo of Merlin’s spotlight eyes makes me realize that it’s hopeless to mess with Merlin!

  11. Love is All You Need

    hahaha awesome post Emma ❤ Love "Merlin approved this post" and "He had nothing to do with it" ha so witty and clever 😉

  12. Bigger On The Inside

    Sometimes things on my shelves and windowsills spontaneously leap onto the floor. My cats have nothing to do with it either. 😺

  13. Our Cinder is a tuxedo cat. She’s mostly black with white markings. She loves to play fetch, too. Her favorite fetch toys are bottle tops and kitchen sponges.

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