Calling All Autistic Teen Girls ~ By Emma

Emma typed this post yesterday and asked that I post it on the blog today.  Her typed words are in italics.   This post began with Emma writing, “How about a teen girl post on the blog where I see if I can find girls that want to participate in a chat?”  (She asked that I begin this post with the above sentence.)

Calling all teen girls.
Are you Autistic?
Are you a female?
Are you an Autistic female in your teens?

If so, I hope that I have your attention.
It is a time full of confusion with many unanswered questions.
You might be fearful, curious, and feeling alone.

Let’s find each other.

Now Mom helps.

My help will come in the form of setting up a private group, probably on Facebook, if one or more teenage Autistic girls show an interest.  This group has to be a place where everyone feels safe to say anything they want without fear of being quoted or spoken of outside the group.  If anyone knows a teenage Autistic girl who might like to be a part of this project, please reach out to Emma either here in the comments or privately through email: or on Emma’s Hope Book FaceBook Page where you can send a direct message.

Emma posing for today's blog post ~ February 12, 2015

Emma posing for today’s blog post ~ February 2015

75 responses to “Calling All Autistic Teen Girls ~ By Emma

  1. Is 10 too young? I think my daughter would definitely benefit from a group like this.

  2. I showed this to Emma and she wrote, “too young.”
    This group will be about young women’s concerns, fears, desires, etc. It needs to be a place that is safe for teenage girls to discuss their changing bodies, changing feelings, entering womanhood etc.

  3. Hi. Emma, should I link to this post on Letters to Autistic Kids in case more people find it? Let me know if so or not. Great idea to make this! And your outfit today is very winning.

  4. Emma typed, “Yes, please. Know that I want to continue our conversation from before and miss you.”

    Ariane here – so miss you Ibby Grace. ❤

  5. Emma, may I join? Or is 22 too old?

  6. Yes I wwajnt thijs. from KA
    KA has written her reply above Emma. 🙂

  7. My daughter would like to be included! Let us know when you get started, my name is Colleen and hers is Izzy 🙂

  8. Rhonda J. Greenhaw

    Hi Emma,

    This is such a great idea! My daughter, Alana, is Autistic and 13 – she is also home schooled as you are…I will let her know about your idea!


  9. Hi Emma,
    My daughter Micah is autistic and 14. She is interested in joining.

  10. Wow! I’m just so moved and excited by the positive response to Emma’s brave outreach. It has been so hard for Emma to make friends with people her own age among our acquaintances. I’m so happy that she took matters into her own hands and came up with this wonderful idea, and better still, that so many of her teenage peers are interested in connecting. What a LOVEly way to head into Valentine’s Day!

  11. I’m probably too old now at 28, but I’ll ask my old college if they can see if anyone there would like to join. They’re mostly older teens (16-19, though I went there from 22-25).

    I think it’s a great idea 🙂

  12. I am a 16 year old autistic girl and would love to join such a group! 🙂

  13. Are all of you on Facebook?

  14. This is a great idea! I work with a few teen females with autism. They are not quite to full open communication yet, but I would love to be able to share the group with them.

    I have a request and I would completely understand if you say no. I do not know what I would say if someone asked me. Even though they cannot yet share their thoughts, would it be okay if I (or their parents) were to join the group and be able to share what is posted with them during our sessions? I have found it helpful to read the blogs of other RPMers just to reinforce that they are not alone and I wonder if this would have a similar effect. The hope would be that then they could respond and make their own posts.

    Thank you for considering!

    • Hi Shannon, this is going to be a private group run by and for Autistic teen girls. The only non-autistic people allowed into this group will be those supporting the Autistic young women who need support in order to write to communicate. One of the basic requirements in the group, as laid out by Emma, is that this group be free from any concern that anything said in the group will be spoken of or shared outside of the group.
      Emma typed, “Safe space is the most important thing.”

      Having said that, Emma said she was happy to have anything she’s written on this blog shared with others and would respond, if they wanted to correspond with her here.

  15. Wonderful idea, Emma I’m sure all of you will get so much out of this!

  16. Rhonda J. Greenhaw

    Hi Emma,
    When did you turn 13? My name is Alana Davia Wood. I am also 13 years old and I turned 13 January 10.

    I want to join your group and I am on Facebook.

    • I became thirteen, seven days after you. It’s nice to meet you. How do you like homeschooling? What is your favorite subject? Mine is learning about people, neurology, psychology and philosophy. ~ Typed by Emma

  17. Love is All You Need

    Emma, such an amazing leader!! As soon as my daughter becomes a teenager she will join! She’s only going to be 10 this year 😉 ❤

  18. Emma, my daughter Zoe is 12 and has Autism. I don’t know if that is too young. She is still learning to type her thoughts, so she will need my help. I think this group would be really helpful for her as well. I think she has felt very alone at times especially since we began homeschooling last April. Being able to connect with other girls who are going through the same things would help her so much.

  19. Emma, you are amazing! What a wonderful and needed idea! At Hirsch Academy, we have a couple of girls–ages 12-14, who communicate through RPM. We will ask if they want to join. I KNOW they will. Keep soaring with your amazing ideas and thoughts!

  20. Emma, is it okay if I join? I don’t always feel like a girl, but that is how I am perceived and how I live.

    • Ari – from Ariane (I have to create Emma’s own sign in account so she doesn’t need to use mine here, it’s way too confusing!) I am setting something up and will let you know when it’s up and running.

  21. Hi Emma….This is Elizabeth and I’d like to join the group. Thank you! ((hugs))

    • Hi Elizabeth… several groups have been created. Do you have a FB account. If so you’ll need to friend me so I can add you. Also tell me if you want to be in older teen group or younger.

  22. thank you, Emma (and “mom”!) the little girl i work with is much too young for “teenage girl” things, but i plan to take some of the things i find on this blog to read to her; i feel like she might be able to relate to some of the things i read on here. thank you both for this!

  23. Hi Emma,
    I’m 25 and not sure if I’m considered too old to join this. I am discovering some of the things others learned when they were teenagers and young adult, but completely forgot with my brain damage at age 16.

  24. Hi Emma 🙂 Im not requesting to join your group.I just wanted to share about AutHaven: It was started by autistics here in Denver who couldnt afford or did not want to travel to other autistic retreats. Im on the planning committee and we have talked about potentially compiling info for organizing and trying to raise awareness about how others can do this in other places too… You are welcome to join us in Denver, but you may also want to explore hosting a gathering in the future too 🙂

  25. Why not have the 20 year olds create their own group? That is a new phase of life with new concerns. BTW, my 13 yo daughter would like to join.

  26. Hi Emma, my 14 year old daughter, Abby, was diagnosed with Aspergers when she was 11. She says she would be interested in joining the group!

  27. I started my teens exactly 10 years ago (just turned 23 today). Shortly after my 13th birthday, that is when I started becoming a neurodiversity advocate via Aspies for Freedom (used to be a great resource before it jumped the shark and the members had to take it down).

  28. Hi Emma I’ll be 18 in a few weeks but I’d love to do something like this get to know people like me maybe even help a little this would be awesome!

  29. Take a look at the girl with the curly hair page .she can advise you on how to avoid “bad stuff” alis row is her name she has awards .very inspiring .

  30. Codename:Felicity ^_^

    Hi Emma and Ariane!

    I’ve been reading this blog for years, ever since I was a teen myself and first wondered if I was Autistic. 🙂 (I’m 21 now about to graduate and become a Real Adult: scary :S!)

    I’m commenting for the first time today, because I really want to say what a wonderful idea this is; when I was younger I felt like I was the only one like me! Imagine how helpful (and such fun) it would have been to talk to other Autistic teen girls who knew how it felt, especially since, in my experience, so many teen years were about learning to navigate mysterious life and understanding how life relates to your mind, which to make things harder, was changing all the time.

    I’m so glad that thanks to you, so many girls will be finding each other online, because it was only recently I’d ever met someone with similarity to me and boy did it change everything 😛 I send my support and encouragement to this endeavor: I feel it will help so many. ❤

    Finally, what a journey reading this blog has been for so many years, especially recently with Emma writing the blog! Thanks for giving me something awesome to read all those years when figuring myself out was the toughest 🙂 Have a good one, and let me know if I can help out in any way!


  31. i am 21, 22 this week with PDD and love connecting with other teen/teen at heart girls. I am on facebook in Atlanta. So is my mom Kathy Roberts. Take care, Emma Pattison.

  32. I wish we’d had a group like this when I was a teenager I’m 45 so a bit old for the group (even though I feel like a 17 year old in a worn-out body!)

  33. Hi Emma- my daughter is also 13 and born Jan 2002 love for her to join and write to you!

  34. Consider this shared! I hope many answer the invitation!

  35. I just turned 20, I’d like to join, maybe. Puberty is finally behind me I reckon, but it was a really confusing and difficult time – I only recently started to understand why, you know…..”most people with that body configuration are going through this but I can’t cope, why?” The sensory issues, the emotional problems, the pain, etc. etc….so if Emma thinks it’d be suitable I feel like this group could be good for me/I could be good for this group. No worries if not! I have to face the fact that I’m finally out of my teens! 😮

    • Hey Kat,
      I’m 20 as well. I still hate going through the monthly rollercoaster of emotions. What do you like to do? I run into very few girls like me in life. I’m the only girl in my class. I would love to get to talk to other girls who are navigating this crazy thing called life. In case we’re not selected for Emma’s blog, would you like to email me at

    • Kat and Carly – a group for older teens and twenty somethings has been set up. You both will need to send me friend requests so I can add you to the group.

  36. Jessica (@jessbwatson)

    My daughter, Ashlyn is 19. I’m going to share this with her. Hopefully the girls can connect. Thanks so much for reaching out to other girls Emma!

  37. Amber Banner on facebook

  38. Hi,

    I have a large network of people on the specrum including some women who have Aspergers. I you would like, please go to and use the contact form to let me know about the group so I can pass it onto Jeanette who can then distribute on if you would like. Have a good week.

  39. I’m a 15-year-old girl with high-functioning autism. I would love to join a group like this (I have a facebook so that’s convenient)

  40. Hi all. We were not prepared for the numbers of teens and teens at heart who’ve reached out to us privately, here and on Facebook. The response has been tremendous.

    As Emma types and it often takes her a comparatively long time to do so, an enormous group is not possible. (She is concerned that others will feel offended and asked that I make sure everyone knows it is not her intention to exclude or hurt anyone’s feelings, but just cannot manage anything more than a few girls.)
    However, I have done some investigating and am setting up a secret group on Facebook that will be invitation only. After I set it up and get approval from a couple of Autistic friends who will be moderating it, I will reach out to everyone who has asked to join. For those commenting here, I will reach out to you through the email you used to comment, so if this is NOT a good way to contact, let me know how I can get in touch with you. Since this is an Autistic safe space it will be set up with guidelines regarding privacy and who may join. Once it’s been created and approved by a number of Autistic people who are advising me, I will remove myself. The group will be left in the hands of those it is meant for and with the help of a few older Autistic adult women who’ve volunteered to serve as “elders”.

    It may take me a week or two, but please know I’m working on it.

  41. My 14 year old daughter would really benefit from this. Please let us know how to join the group.

    • Regina – a young teen group has been created. Your daughter just needs to send me a friend request, (and tell me she wants to be in the group for young teens) I will then add her.

  42. I am a school based occupational therapist and have a friend named Paige who would love to be involved. She is 12 yo. She has a message for Emma:
    “Hi Emma! My name is Paige. I have autism too and I was wondering if I could participate in your website. This whole idea is pretty great!”

    I will help Paige get setup to be a part of the group if possible! Thanks!

    • Hillary – Paige will need to be on Facebook. I think you have to be 13 and this is the minimum age for the young teen group anyway. Once she is and is on FB she can friend me and remind me her age and whether she types to communicate and I will put her in the group.

  43. Wow! This sounds just like my daughter! She is 13 and likes chatting a bit too much. We recently joined an asperger’s site and were informed about this page from someone there. 😀

  44. I’m probably a bit too old at 28 (even though tbh i still feel like I’m 16 most of the time) but I hope that the group goes well. If you need any advice/input/help from another (technically) adult, though, I will gladly help.

  45. Hi Emma. I am 20 years old. I would love to blog with you. Sometimes it’s hard to find a safe place on the internet where I get to chat with other girls like me. Here’s a few things about me: I love mysteries, writing and music. I want to be an author someday….I got your name from Heidi Schaffner who was my yoga teacher.

  46. Hi everyone,
    I’m hoping all of you who commented remembered to check the box to “notify me of new comments via email” because I’ve been doing my best to find a way to get in touch with all of you who have expressed interest in an Autistic Young Women’s Group, but am now realizing that it will be much easier to just comment here with how to get into the Facebook Group that I’ve created. Please continue reading.

    I have set up the secret group Autistic Young Women’s Group. If you would like to be a part of it you can send me a friend request. If you have trouble sending me a friend request I can find you and send you one, but you will need to tell me the name you use on FB, best is if you send me a DM and comment here to tell me you’ve done so, and I’ll be sure to check my “other” folder. I can’t add you to the group unless you’re a “friend.” Once I’ve added you, you can unfriend me if you’d like.
    A couple of things about this group. It’s a secret group and it’s members are all Autistic. Right now the group seems to be more toward the older teens/early twenties group and please know that mature subject matter may be discussed. There are a couple of Autistic “elders” who are there to help moderate and make sure no one is in there who shouldn’t be. Once I’ve finished finding everyone who reached out to us, I’ll remove myself from the group.
    Emma chose not to be in this group.
    I am in the process of creating a Young Teen Girls Chat Group (13-15 or so), but don’t have it up and running yet. I’ll try to get that going in the next week.
    Thanks so much and let me know if you do want to join the Autistic Young Women’s Group.

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