“Outside Looking In” ~ By Emma

Outside looking in on a world with a  different reality.

There is room for all.

Benign feelings contradict human thoughts about survival.

We treat others with care and feel the joy that comes with that.  We treat others harshly and then pain is felt by both.

Problems arise when people take pleasure in other’s pain.  Words cause joy, but also can cause pain.

Better to sing and dance!

This is what Emma wrote this morning in answer to my question, “What do you want to blog about this morning?”

We have been studying gene mutation, evolution, Darwin and how species adapt to their environment.  We have also just finished reading Romeo and Juliet.  I see the influence of all of these topics as well as Emma’s own unique and exquisitely compassionate take on this world and life.

Emma's Bowl made in ceramics

Emma’s Bowl made in ceramics with cookie cutters and then painted.

14 responses to ““Outside Looking In” ~ By Emma

  1. Ah – all the complicated complications…BETTER TO SING AND DANCE! Motto for the day ❤

  2. Love is All You Need

    her poetry speaks volumes ❤

  3. Emma continues to amaze me with the depth of her compassion. What a great thought for Random Acts of Kindness week.

  4. Em’s bowl does look delicious enough to eat. I have frequently noticed that colors and textures look delicious to me…must be missing many things in my diet! LOL

  5. “Better to sing and dance” needs to be a meme! 🙂

  6. This line intrigues me…”Benign feelings contradict human thoughts about survival.”

    If possible, will Emma elaborate on this thought?

    P.S. I love the posts about Merlin and mysterious missing items. Very witty and fun!

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