Some Emma Quotes

Each day is a day of discovery with moments of elation and excitement…  at least this is my take away from the past few weeks.  Here are a few of Emma’s comments along the way that she gave me permission to post.

Discussing black holes  (Dr. C and Emma are kindred souls.)

Dr. C:  What has happened to the atomic structure within a black hole?

Emma:  Opportunity to riot.  Structure is chaotic.

Dr. C:  Basically this is correct.  The gravitational pull is so strong that the atomic structure has collapsed.  Thus nuclei and electrons are fused together with no space between them.

Emma: Just like society during a riot.

Dr. C:  These societal people have collapsed onto each other to further this analogy.

Emma:  Exactly.

After reading  Act 1 Scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet

Ariane:  So what do you think so far?

Emma:  Understand that it is a heady play and play on words that pities human rage and love equally.

Reading and discussing the Texas Revolution 

Emma:  Because of dissent a culture was born.

Regarding the Trail of Tears and how the Cherokee were the last tribe to make the grueling 800 plus mile trek to the “Indian Territories” I asked Emma to tell me something about this picture. 

Trail of Tears

Trail of Tears

Emma:  Exodus.  Forced displacement of people with little choice.  It tells something about man’s wish for power.  Oppression is an ongoing story.

And finally on the topic of being home and not in a classroom setting – Emma typed, “naturally living in world’s infinite candy store of learning is to be in constant awe.”

6 responses to “Some Emma Quotes

  1. Emma: A Celebration!!

  2. Z, I stand in complete awe of what you and Em have done and are doing together. That quote about oppression? NAILED IT! If the future of our Earth were in Emma’s hands, we’d be all doing well. xoxo

    ps – Am sending an email to let you know how things are going here. Might not be til tomorrow. Love you guys!!

  3. Emma…beyond succinct. I am cheering your homeschool decision!

  4. intelligent beyond words…

  5. Love this so much!
    The freedom to use words with abandon is an awesome wonder all on its own! The average of a class setting, and the terror of rejection, burns that opportunity for many; individuality snuffed out!

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