Just Another Day…

I think this has been one of the best days of my life.  We had a full day of learning.   I’m exhausted.  Seriously.  I feel as though my head is going to explode.    We began the day with our daily Skype call with Dr. C.  Emma and Dr. C. had great fun teasing me about the fact that every time Dr. C. asked Emma something like, “How many F- will bind to a single Mg^2=?” Emma typed the correct answer while I looked on with befuddlement.  Every so often Dr. C  explained something incomprehensible and then asked, “Got it?”  Emma immediately typed “Yes!” while I muttered, not so quietly, “NO!”  As I was continuously slowing them down with clarifying questions, it was suggested, jokingly, that I put a metal bucket over my head.  Emma then typed to Dr. C. “Do you have one?”

As Dr. C. gave Emma increasingly difficult and complex questions, I resigned myself to the fact that I didn’t have a clue what they were going on about, but Emma did, and that filled me with unspeakable joy.  There was lots of uproarious laughter and shouts of “Go Emma!  You can do this!!” after each question and Emma literally bounced up and down with glee.

Science was followed by a break, then math, a break, American history, a break, creative writing, where Emma wrote the most amazing piece that, sadly, I cannot post because it has been submitted to an anthology. (Any who type to communicate are encouraged to submit.  Click the link ‘here‘.  I believe the deadline is October 1st.)   After Emma cranked out her absolutely mind blowing essay, we did German and then she had her book club with K. where they discussed George Orwell’s Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution.  Oh and did I mention Emma did all of this dressed in the most fabulous red gown?

Quick aside – We are so incredibly fortunate to have people in our lives who have enthusiastically and generously volunteered their time to help teach.  To those people, a million thanks.

Now it’s time to do nothing.  Emma?  She’s in the back with Richard watching Seven Wonders of the Universe, I kid you not…

Red Gown

13 responses to “Just Another Day…

  1. Love love love. Keep having fun!

  2. You are SO lucky! To find out your daughter is REALLY IN there and find out she is SOO intelligent to boot!!! I’d be walking in the clouds.

  3. This is seriously the best thing I’ve read all day. Thinking I might like to jump up and down and squeal!

  4. I’ve never met Emma but she is one smart cookie!

  5. Go Emma Go! she is just glowing 🙂

  6. Sweet! Sky’s the limit Emma (although, apparently your mom has hit her limit in science 🙂 )!!!

  7. Fantastic! While I was reading this, I had a brief flash of somewhere in the future hearing the news of Emma receiving a Nobel prize… 😉

  8. Oh my god, I *kind of* remember chemistry like that from high school.

  9. Green with envy at not being allowed to read Emma’s essay, but don’t envy you the German at all, HA!
    Every day is a celebration fit for a fabulous red gown!

  10. Glad Em had a good day of learning. I bet you she knows a whole lot more than just Chemistry.

  11. I’m with you when it comes to science, Ariane. I did well in biology, but that was about it. Go Emma!!

  12. I am continuously in awe of this girl’s brilliance. I especially love her sense of humor, and I am so happy that she KNOWS how awesome she is. I’m only 21 now, but goodness I hope that when I have kids they’ll be half as cool as Emma is.

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