A(nother) Performer in the Family

I asked Em if it was okay to post the following photographs of her.  She said, “Yeah!  Post on blog!”

“But is it okay to first post on Facebook?” I asked.  And again without hesitation Em gave me an enthusiastic thumbs up.

I have to admit, whenever Em says yes to me, regarding posting an image of her or something she’s said or typed, I feel more than a little ambivalent.   I wonder if she fully understands what it means to post on Facebook or here on the blog, despite my lengthy (and more than one) explanations of what this means, how many people may see it, who those people are or might be.  People remind me of the importance of listening.  And part of listening is to also honor and respect what I hear.   I’m trying to do that, while also trusting my own instincts and hopefully I’m getting it “right” more often than not.

I compare Emma’s response to her older brother’s, who has made it known to us that under no circumstances is he okay having us post his photograph, except on very rare occasions when he’ll shrug and say, “Seriously, Mom?”  There’s usually a moment when he stares at me with a slight grin and then says, “Yeah, okay.”  But my daughter is not like her older brother.  My daughter has a completely different personality.  Emma, adores the spot light.  If there is a stage, she will head for it.  If there’s a microphone, she will grab it, if there’s a crowd she wants to be in front of it, preferably singing.  Emma does not have inhibitions, she does not worry about what others will think or may think.  Emma has that wonderful ability to be herself among strangers and doesn’t modify herself in accordance with what she thinks they may or may not like.  Emma is MY role model!

What follows are the photos I asked Emma if it was okay to post, to which she said cheerfully, “Yes!”

First there was this…


And then this...

And finally, this…

Okay, I don’t know about the rest of you, but for some reason Emma hugging the Vlasic Pickle Mascot makes me tear up… Every. Single. Time.

*A quick side note – the Vlasic Pickle mascot is a stork. Why, you might ask? Well, I googled it and found out that in the ’60’s their tag line was, “the pickle pregnant women crave…”

I have to run, because Emma’s mom is in a flash mob today outside the stock exchange…  yeah, you read that right.  YouTube video to follow…  😀

18 responses to “A(nother) Performer in the Family

  1. ahhhhh….I am starting to struggle with what to post on facebook concerning my kids. Nathan is 4 and a half now, and since he can’t tell me if it is OK to post a pic, I just use my best judgement. Picture of him on the boat up north? OK. Picture of him in his underwear? Not anymore. Hopefully one day he will be able to tell me. Or have his own facebook page 🙂

  2. I love that you Googled the origin of the Vlasic stork and that you are working so hard to get things right. The fact that Emma is so comfortable being herself says a lot about how often you must be getting it right. 🙂

  3. Ted too is my role model for the very reasons you state. Oh to be free from the tyranny of what other people think!!! 🙂

  4. I have so many stories to tell about mine but my youngest is 22 and non of my kids want things told so openly. The stories I mention are the short and cute ones which they are willing to tolerate. It is a very tough call. We, as parents would benefit from the others’ wisdom, or even help our kids understand us better why we made some of the choices we made but ultimately, it is their stories too, even more so. Such a delicate line cross. Ariane, you are doing it very beautifully and so eloquently. Under your leadership, I think more parents are sharing more carefully and respectfully. Autism World needed you and your style of writing. Thank you.

  5. I noticed the third photo first – so my initial impression was that the stork’s bow-tie was a giant bow in Emma’s hair and it totally reminded me of Alice in Wonderland… (go ahead… scroll back and look… I’ll wait…) Awesomeness!!

  6. loved these pics when I saw them on FB yesterday, but today, i am loving that Emma has her string and the stork has his pickle. 🙂

    • Evidently the stork has this whole Groucho Marx thing going on… And Em’s string is getting huge… it’s like a lunge whip at this point! (All you equestrian types will get the reference)

  7. I don’t think the full scope of existajce itself ever can be fully grasped, one can only be hopeful that what gets remembered gets useful to anyone. That could very well be one of the hardest bits about growing up to learn, so I am happy Em has role models of compassion around her.

  8. Your daughter is truly a fine role model to have, I think she’s great!

  9. It’s one of the things I like about Emma–that if she wants your attention, she will get it. 🙂

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