Happy Birthday Dear Emma!

Happy Birthday Dear Emma!  

Eleven years ago you came into this world and graced us with your presence.  Eleven years ago you presented yourself to us and from that first moment that you drew breath you began to have an impact on all who met you.  You are an example of perfection, exactly as you are, without need of tweaking.  You are strong and wise and smart and intelligent and funny and talented and beautiful.  You are determined and a terrific negotiator.  You are fiercely independent and artistic and your mind, how you think, the way you perceive the world and those in it is a beautiful thing. You are patient and generous and kind.  You are loving and good.

You are perfect.

You are just at the beginning of your life, but already you have taught me more than I could ever teach you.  Eleven years ago I had no idea that because of your life, mine would change as dramatically as it has.  I could not know that because of you and who you are, my entire outlook on life, the world and it’s inhabitants would change so radically.  These are changes I welcome.  These are changes I am so very grateful for.  They are good changes, important changes.  You have forced me to see what I once could not.  You have shown me another way of living, a better way of being in this world.   You have opened my eyes to all that is possible, and it is beyond my wildest dreams.

You are perfect exactly as you are.

One day I hope you will be able to read this on your own.  But until that day arrives, I have one wish I would like to have granted on this day, your eleventh birthday and it is this –  flourish and do not ever, ever allow anyone to bring you down, make you feel badly or cause you to doubt yourself.  Spread your wings and fly dear Emma and I will be here to support you, to love you, to cheer you on and to remind you of your perfection.

You are beautiful Emma Rose.

You are perfect.

4:30PM January 17th, 2002 


January 17th,  2003

Birthday Girl-2003

Central Park – January 2004 


January, 2005


Jamuary 17, 2006


January 17, 2007


January, 2008


January 2010


January 2011


January 2012

Birthday Girl-2012



35 responses to “Happy Birthday Dear Emma!

  1. What a beautiful blog. You said it very well mom. Emma is certainly blessed with much love…. RJ xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday, Beautiful, Perfect, Emma Rose! 🙂

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA! What a wonderful post Ariane. As you said so perfectly, Emma has changed our lives, and changed me, completely, irrevocably and so much for the better. The Baby Buddha has the best wisdom and every day I look to her to remind me of the only things truly that matter in this life: LOVE, JOY, FAMILY, Living in the MOMENT!

  4. Happy Birthday Emma! Joy, joy, joy! And love!

  5. Emma,
    Have a very wonderful, happy birthday. 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday, Emma! I hope your day is bouncy and filled with joy!

  7. she is so beautiful… it’s happy birthday to Emma, and also three cheers to the mom and those who surround her with Love and Affection 🙂

  8. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful wish her a good luck among

    And you’ve changed my life and way of looking at the world too, which proves that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

    With love from

  10. Happy Birthday Emma! Sending love to a wonderful young woman! May you continue in your life journey, to make this world a more beautiful place!

  11. Gorgeous Emma, so loved! Happy birthday to you!

  12. Happy Birthday, Dear Emma….Happy Birthday to you! Sending big hugs and blowing kisses!

  13. Happy Birthday, beautiful, beauty-full Emma. You are the greatest gift!

  14. Happiest of Birthdays Emma! We all love you. Such a beautiful post Ariane and Richard.

  15. Happy Birthday Emma! Your mommy is so right you are perfect just as you are don’t let anybody make you feel differently.

  16. What a lovely post…Happy Birthday Emma…from a complete stranger, who is learning from you and your mom.

  17. Happy happy birthday Emma!

  18. Thank you all for the beautiful and loving birthday wishes for my beautiful and loving birthday girl. One day she may decide to write her own thank yous, but until then this one from me is heartfelt and said with tremendous gratitude for each and every one of you.

  19. Chou Chou Scantlin

    🎶Happy 🎶Birthday, 🎶Dear🎶Emma🎶💛💙💜💚

  20. Happy Birthday Beautiful Emma. ❤ Thank you for showing up in the world and teaching me so much.

  21. Happy Birthday Emma. I hope your day has been awesome.

  22. Kendall Seybert

    Happy birthday Emma, your Mom is right…you are JUST perfect!

  23. Happy Birthday Girl! I remember my daughters turning 11. A fun year!

  24. Happy Birthday Emma!!! 🙂

  25. She is absolutely beautiful. Happy Birthday sweet Emma.

  26. I hope dear Emma had a wonderful birthday and that year 11 is her best year yet! Love all the pictures. She looks a lot like her pretty mama. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Argh!!!! I am SUCH a Johnny-come-lately!! Hope Emma had a wonderful birthday yesterday. You are very right, she is a precious gem ❤ And what great pictures you posted, you have a really beautiful family. All smiles after reading this 🙂

  28. Belated happy birthday, wonderful Emma!

  29. Emma, you are a very lucky girl. Happy Happy Birthday. Love Emma.

  30. Beautiful! Happy Birthday to a beautiful wonderful girl!

  31. Beautiful child. A loving soul–you can see that in her eyes. Many, many happy years to come!!

  32. Sorry I missed your birthday Emma it was JANUARY 17th. I was in the hospital and then just forgot. Everytime I went to post, some very belated Birthday. Also thank you for the dancing Starlings, as I miss them so. I used to live in the suburbs of Chicago after we moved from the city to lush farm land and the birds would come to see what they could eat leftover from the farmers taken in their crops. The dances they would do to music we would play from the WLS
    Radio Statin behind us. Everybody would have bread, dried corn and seeds for them and spread them out in the baseball and farmers fields. We would all fill the seats and watch them dance for hours and hours for two to six days. I would treasure the chance to see them in person again, but you put a wonderful smile on my face as to bringing back the memories! Thank you so much, love you, SueAnn Sipin a friend of moms and dads❤️🌻

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