“I Want to be a Singer on the Stage!”

Emma told us she wants to be a “singer on the stage!”  She said this a few weeks ago and repeated this desire last night.  Richard and I are doing and will continue to do all we can to support and encourage her desire.

Emma’s love of costumes and theatrics, coupled with her love of music, performing and singing in front of an adoring audience will go a long way in helping her achieve this lofty goal.  It is the perfect window by which we can enter to help her acquire language, encourage her reading, writing and typing.  I am starting to print out the lyrics to her favorite songs (reading) and find other ways to encourage writing (lyrics? poetry?) or anything else she might find motivating.

Emma dressed as a knight

Emma in her flamingo costume with her favorite Alien doll

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14 responses to ““I Want to be a Singer on the Stage!”

  1. Oh! So fun! So exciting! Emma will learn so much by focusing on her passion! I LOVE her costumes, and, as a stage singing autist, sure can relate! Here’s my grown up version of her Flamingo costume: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=421347076684&set=a.143976081684.123278.140480601684&type=1&theater
    You may want to start by having her build a small home show for the holidays. I am happy to guide with the basics. She would learn organization skills. Have her pick the songs, costumes, order of songs, make boards to introduce numbers, like in vaudeville, make tickets, rehearse. A spotlight is divine, as it blocks out all the extra sensory challenges while performing. Have it have a beginning, middle and end. Could be just three songs, but have different emotions to each, say, a funny one, a tender one, and a happy seasonal one. You can discuss these emotions, and ask her why she likes these songs. The ticket price be a can of food or clothes for a charity, and let her know that her performing helps others. Let her know that it is okay to forget words for now, while she is learning, and to just give all her love to the audience. That’s what it’s about. As she develops, she can put together shows for nursing homes, who would LOVE to have her. That’s just a start! She will BLOOM!

    • Love your grown up version, Chou Chou! So great. I think of you every time Emma talks about wanting to be a singer.
      And yes, I would LOVE your help and guidance. I am very serious about that.
      I will keep you posted!

  2. Yes, this is awesome! Helping her follow this dream is a great idea! She will gain so much confidence and learning songs will definately help her language. And how convenient she has a mentor right here in Chou Chou! Rock on Emma!
    btw, both Emma and Chou Chou look gorgeous in their flamingo costumes!

  3. I’ve always said she’s gonna be the biggest rock star in the world. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ with it.

  4. I saw a gorgeous blonde Autistic girl, about Emma’s age, today. I wished it was Emma, just so I could meet the future star! What a great passion. Just beautiful. 🙂

  5. Go Emma! That’s fun. 🙂 I’m not a performer (though I am a musician) but I definitely appreciate those who are. 😉

  6. Hello Ariane! I absolutely love your blog. This is CJ, from The Musical Autist. I’m not sure where you guys live, but if it’s anywhere close to the Maryland/DC area, it would be SO awesome to have Emma perform in our next SensoryFriendly Concert!
    SF Concerts are a new and novel innovation which not only gives people on the spectrum “equal access to the fine arts!” (one of our mottos, another one is “hand-flapping allowed” :^) but also gives opportunity to perform and a platform for self advocacy. We are developing constructs and funding which will enable music therapists everywhere to facilitate these events, so maybe we can even make this happen in your own community. Help us spread the word! http://www.themusicalautist.org

    Sorry hope all that didn’t sound like a pitch, I just get reeally excited about musical autists and all of the potential there is for good!

    Also, Third Glance, saw you in the comments – I’ve been loving your blog lately too!

    ~!! Go Neurodiversity Go !!~

  7. There is nothing better than the theater! You go girl!! :O) Love it!

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