Emma Singing

Emma loves to sing.  When she was an infant I realized she responded much better to words if they were sung to her.  So I did or tried to sing as much as I could, even though my voice is weak, Emma didn’t seem to mind.  Emma, however has a lovely voice.

The following is an audio clip of Emma singing with Alycea – our assisant – Que Sera, Sera.

Emma Singing

8 responses to “Emma Singing

  1. Paula from Aspen

    Absolutely tear bringing. So sweet and such a perfect song, especially under the circumstances. I hope lots of people will listen.

    I wrap my arms around her and surround her with love.


  2. And I’m crying too…She is beautiful Ariane and Richard. An angel with a voice of an angel…so clear, articulate, perfect in every way. Emma will talk in full sentences with words you understand…I am sure of it. I love your writing. Thank you for this gift on my Thursday evening as I get to know your little Emma.

  3. that was simply beauitful!!..my son samuel,who is four,loves to sing s well.He has always been attracted to music,a with me beinnd will sing at moments notice,what ever song he thinks of…isnt it just amazing??!!

  4. Just beautiful and so true.

  5. The song…to poignant for words, only tears and empathy. Lovexo

  6. too poignant

  7. I love this!! If you and Emma ever want to do a guest blog post on The Musical Autist with an audio clip or video, we’d be honored!

    Great pitch both of you, also great musical sensitivity!

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