The Art of Negotiating – Get Them to Beg

“Go to Natural History Museum with just Daddy,” Emma announced this morning.

Because of the Jewish New Year it’s a four-day weekend.  Richard took Em to the museum yesterday.  Today is my turn to hang out with Em, while Richard spends the day with Nic and his friend Masiah.

“I know you do love going to the Natural History Museum with Daddy,” Em said as I came over to her.

“But Em, I’m going to spend the day with you.  What do you want to do with me?”

“Emma loves Natural History Museum with Daddy.  But they wants Museum of Natural History with Mommy.  I love playing elevator game with Daddy.  Emma loves BioLife.  Emma loves…”

“Em, what do you want to do with me?  Daddy’s staying home today.  I can take you to the Natural History museum.  Is that what you want to do?”

“Go to Toys R Us with Mommy, then Natural History Museum with Daddy!”

“No Em.  It’s just you,” I pointed at her, “and me today,” I pointed to me.  “What should we do today?”

Emma whispered, “Go with Daddy!  Oh I know you want to go with Daddy.  Say bye-bye Mommy!”  Then Em made fish lips at me.  Meaning she puckered her lips together and pretended to be a fish.  This is what she does when she really, really wants us to acquiesce.

I began laughing.  “Em.  I will take you anywhere.  Anywhere you want to go.  I’ll ask Daddy to explain the elevator game so we can play it together.  Or you can show me how.”

“Go with Daddy,” Emma said very quickly and in a mischievous voice.  Then she whispered again, “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, just Daddy!”

So I sidled up to her and whispered back, “Emmy.  Can I take you to the Natural History Museum?  Just you and me?  Please?”

Emma grinned and nodded her head.  “Okay, okay!”

When both the children were toddlers I took them to the Natural History Museum every single day, one memorable day we even went twice.  After a few years of this, I announced to Richard, “I hope never to set foot in that museum again.”

“Uh-huh,” Richard said.

“Ever.  Seriously.”

“Yeah.  Got it,” Richard answered.

“Never.  For the rest of my life.”

“OKAY!  I hear you,” Richard said with a touch of annoyance.

So for the last few years Richard has taken Em whenever she has asked to go.  I think I’ve gone once, maybe twice in the last several years.  That I now find myself  literally begging, BEGGING Emma to take her, is just another example of Emma’s brilliant negotiating skills.

If Emma ever loses interest in being a singer, I feel confident she will find any number of career options available to her… diplomat, anyone?

Emma – Autumnal Fairy

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12 responses to “The Art of Negotiating – Get Them to Beg

  1. Take me too!!! 🙂

  2. Oh, please do come with us! I would love that! I’d also love E. to join us. I’m guessing she could explain all about the Biolife exhibit and give us inside information on any number of other things

  3. No matter how many times I take Emma to the Museum of Natural History, I just never get tired of it. Seriously. When you took Emma out today, I was totally bummed that we couldn’t go again, like we did yesterday, AND Sunday. No, I’m just sitting here at home, longing for the song of the humpback whale in the Hall of Bio-Life while we play the “elevator game” over and over and over. It’s one of those things you can’t get enough of, no matter how many times you do it. And that’s the truth.

    • So glad you feel this way, honey. It will make it so much easier for me, knowing now how you truly feel and I promise, I will never again deprive you of this particular pleasure. I see now that it would be wrong of me to do so.

  4. Emma…I LOVE your autumn fairy outfit! It is my favorite season and you are wearing my favorite colors! Hope you had fun with mommy!! :O)

  5. Hi Emmy!

    It’s Granma signing in to tell you that I LOVE the Natural History Museum, and I could never go there too many times, honest. But then maybe you’re a budding scientist? I used to like, in the Chicago Natural History Museum, the shrunken heads and the Egyptian mummies, oh, yes, and the dioramas of Neanderthal (our ancestor, or at least one of them) and the cavemen hunting…and so much else. Please explain the elevator game? I’m sure I would love that too 🙂


  6. Pity you don’t live here. I would happily go to the museum ever single day forever.

    Shana tova. After an evening and a day of Rosh Hashanah I concluded if I didn’t treat today like a normal day I wasn’t going to make it to Yom Kippur. Well probably I would make it but with a few complete and total meltdowns in between. Of course I live alone so only my dog notices those.

  7. Emma, Liam loves elevators too. He really likes to film rides on the elevators. He also looks at elevators on you tube.The Elevator Game sounds very interesting.

  8. What is the elevator game? Would your Granma like it?
    And to Gareeth: your dog is probably more empathetic than most people!

  9. Oh he certainly is or he wouldn’t be allowed to live with me. He’s always beside me. A few human males have tried that without much luck.

  10. All sounds very up-lifting!

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