Autism and Jaundice

I have a photo shoot this morning so this post will be brief.

My mother reminded me the other day that when Emma was born her eyes were slightly yellow.  I remember asking the mid wife about it and being told not to worry too much.  Within 48 hours Emma was fine.  A new study has come out suggesting there may be a link to babies born during October – March with jaundice and autism.  Emma was born in January.  Dr. Sandy Lowe told us several years ago he thought autism maybe due, at least in part, to a virus contracted by the mother during pregnancy.  I had a cold I could not shake for almost six months while pregnant with Emma.  I have also read articles speculating more children who are diagnosed with autism are born during the winter months.   For those who are interested, Google autism & jaundice for a more thorough review of the Denmark study.

One response to “Autism and Jaundice

  1. Marjorie Westmoreland

    My daughter, now almost 11, was born in January, too, and also had jaundice the first week or so after birth. I did not know about this study but will check it out. I am SO glad I’ve found your ‘blog. You don’t know it, but you are the support “group” I’ve needed for the past five years. I know no other mother whose child with ASD is a girl, and frankly I despair of ever finding one. Boys are so much more often affected than girls — I wryly joke sometimes that we have the proverbial needle in the haystack. Emma sounds like a fantastically interesting and challenging child, like my own daughter. Oh to be able to compile and re-run the good times on the days when the behavior is less than stellar!

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