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Autism and Jaundice

I have a photo shoot this morning so this post will be brief.

My mother reminded me the other day that when Emma was born her eyes were slightly yellow.  I remember asking the mid wife about it and being told not to worry too much.  Within 48 hours Emma was fine.  A new study has come out suggesting there may be a link to babies born during October – March with jaundice and autism.  Emma was born in January.  Dr. Sandy Lowe told us several years ago he thought autism maybe due, at least in part, to a virus contracted by the mother during pregnancy.  I had a cold I could not shake for almost six months while pregnant with Emma.  I have also read articles speculating more children who are diagnosed with autism are born during the winter months.   For those who are interested, Google autism & jaundice for a more thorough review of the Denmark study.