This is Autism (Written by Emma)

*A quick note on today’s flashblog ~ This is Autism.  In response to Suzanne Wright’s upsetting and fear-inducing letter entitled A Call for Action  a Flashblog has been organized to take back the phrase “this is autism”, which Suzanne Wright used several times in her letter that was posted on Autism Speaks’ website, the organization she and her husband Bob Wright created eight years ago.   Suzanne and Bob Wright and their organization’s beliefs are exactly what I hope my daughter never sees, hears or is confronted with, but that she feels the repercussions from on a daily basis.

I asked Emma if she wanted to write something for today’s post with the title, “This is Autism”.  She wrote that, yes, she did.  The following is what my daughter wrote, pointing to one letter at a time on a stencil board with a pencil.

This is Autism

Autism is anything.  

It is not bad,  

it is a mindset.

Autism is a method of energy,

it is how I think.

Autism is derided and except in some accepting eyes,

it is seen as not a nice thing,


it is me.


61 responses to “This is Autism (Written by Emma)

  1. Em and I were traveling all day yesterday, but we have read all your wonderful comments. Thank you so much, each and every one of them, and you, are appreciated. Emma wrote, “Thank you to everyone.”
    The adventure continues!

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  3. Thank you for the awesome post Emma. The world has a lot to learn from you.

  4. Emma, you are very right that it isn’t always seen as a nice thing and isn’t that a shame? It is who you are, and it is who I am, and it is who so many other wonderful people are. People like you and me and your parents and so many other people like us are going to change that. We are going to use our accepting eyes to change the way everyone can see autism, and who we are. You are a very talented writer as well as an inspiring young person. Thank you very much for letting your mother post this. I hope you will continue offering your brilliant thoughts and views to the world, because we all really need to see them.

  5. Very good thoughts on Autism, Emma. You are really typing well. I can tell your mom is very proud and so am I.

  6. Wow! Great post Emma maybe you should start your own blog.

  7. Does anyone know how we can access the flashblog? I would love to read all of the contributions but the only link I have found leads to info about submitting. Thanks so much!

  8. I am profoundly moved by your words Emma. I think the world is shifting & you are part of the shift. God bless you & your courage & heart & your mother’s never ending faith!

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