This is Autism (Written by Emma)

*A quick note on today’s flashblog ~ This is Autism.  In response to Suzanne Wright’s upsetting and fear-inducing letter entitled A Call for Action  a Flashblog has been organized to take back the phrase “this is autism”, which Suzanne Wright used several times in her letter that was posted on Autism Speaks’ website, the organization she and her husband Bob Wright created eight years ago.   Suzanne and Bob Wright and their organization’s beliefs are exactly what I hope my daughter never sees, hears or is confronted with, but that she feels the repercussions from on a daily basis.

I asked Emma if she wanted to write something for today’s post with the title, “This is Autism”.  She wrote that, yes, she did.  The following is what my daughter wrote, pointing to one letter at a time on a stencil board with a pencil.

This is Autism

Autism is anything.  

It is not bad,  

it is a mindset.

Autism is a method of energy,

it is how I think.

Autism is derided and except in some accepting eyes,

it is seen as not a nice thing,


it is me.


61 responses to “This is Autism (Written by Emma)

  1. That’s a great post Emma! I look forward to hearing more from you in the future if you decide to write publicly again.

  2. Thank you Emma, your post has given ,me a lot to think about. ‘Autism is a method of energy’. What a wonderful phrase.

  3. This took my breath away. Yay, all of you! XOXOXO. What a kid.

  4. Emma,

    This is perfection.

    As are you.

    Autism and all.

    I can’t wait to share your words with my daughter. Especially your line “Autism is a method of energy.” That line really, really reminds me of her and all of her glorious, beautiful, autistic energy. Thank you for writing this, Em. It’s a gift. Just like you.



    (Brooke’s mom)

  5. Emma that is beautiful thank you for sharing who you are with us alll

  6. Dear Emma,
    You write beautifully. Thank you for sharing your words with us.

  7. Dearest Emma, your thoughts are beautiful as you are! Spoken from the heart and mind of an insightful young girl. Keep your thoughts coming! Hugs to you and your Mom. Kendall

  8. Kelly @OneQuarterMama

    Beautiful! It’s me too, Emma oxox

  9. Wow! I agree with everything you say here. Autism is (not just can be) anything!

  10. Hi Emma. I love this too — thank you. You’re part of a community of people who understand that autism is a good thing.

  11. Great job Emma! Perfect post!

  12. WOW! I’m blown away! Emma, you’re a poet.

  13. I love it, Emma!!! Thank you for sharing this, Ariane! Love…Love…Love!!!

  14. Dear Emma, you are so awesome! I love your post. You are such a creative and artistic soul. A true poet. The breadth of your insight, intelligence, sensitivity, and totally unique perspective have me hungering for each new word you write. I know it’s hard work for you but keep on pushing! The world needs to know what you have to say!
    — Your proud Daddy ❤

  15. How can one family have so many talented writers? It’s impressive…and I have to say, Emma’s writing is a true gift.

  16. I respond to something very similar today in my blog post:

    The essential question is “what can you remove from a person and have her maintain her identity?” I suspect that autism, being in nature a pervasive disorder forever tied to the development of that person, simply cannot be “teased out” from a person and leave that personality intact.

  17. Emma, such poetry and concise language. Can’t wait to read your next post!

  18. ❀ Emma, your words and your message are beautiful and strong and important. Thank you for sharing with us. ❀

  19. outstanding em. please send me an email letting me know if i may quote your, “autism is a method of energy”. thanks. energizing b

  20. Emma, Thank you for sharing your thoughts with all of us. I love the words you chose (like mindset, method, derided, and accepting). Do you like those specific words or are they just the best for making your point? Sometimes I find a word that makes me keep it in my head and mouth for a long time. Right now the word is “tittup” which means a bouncy way of walking. I think of that word every time I see Ibby walking. I also like the word “susurration” which means “a whispering sound” but also can describe the way that ocean waves sound when they are gently lapping the beach sand. I joyfully anticipate reading more of your writing.

  21. Beautiful, Emma. Absolutely beautiful !!!

  22. Emma, wonderful and thrilling to share your thoughts! It has been my pleasure to know and enjoy you all these years and can’t wait to hear more from you. Looking forward to next sleep over!

  23. Beautiful!! I loved it Emma!! Thank you so much!

  24. Write on…Emma. I too am of a different energy.

  25. Emma, you are beautfiul,,,,inside and outside !

  26. Emma, what a powerful voice you have, and what a thoughtful message to the world. Thank you for sharing with us.

  27. I had the privilege to be in the life a 4 year old autistic boy. He had the deepest appreciation of love and curiosity. I tried to give things to him, but, he gave me more.

  28. Well said, Emma! I am so happy to read your writing and look forward to more. Lili, Liesl and I send you much love.

  29. Wow. that is a great post EMMA, it is always very good to hear what life is like for you from YOUR perspective. We all need to know what is happening for you and how t make your world better and easier, when you offer us small insights into what you are thinking and how things affect you personally you offer us a chance t help not just you , but many others as well. thank you for the time and effort you made to offer us this post..
    Theresa 🙂

  30. Wow, Emma, this is beautiful! You have such a brilliant way with words.

  31. This is beautiful and so moving. Thank you for sharing Emma.

  32. Emma, I love your choice of words. You are a wordsmith. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  33. Emma your words are beautiful and so right. Thank you for letting me read your words, they are so insightful. Yes you are indeed a poet!

  34. Emma you are an amazing light in this world exactly as you are! Please write more beautiful posts, your truth is needed to break down the barriers of ignorance and misunderstanding that is so widespread in this world. God Bless you dearest one!

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  36. I am envious of how quickly she came to the point as my own effort that I laboured over for 8 hours was labelled a rant. That autism is me is at the heart of why people get so passionate. In my case unfortunately too much exposure to how science and education views any person with a disability makes me wrap up that fundamental message in the equivalent of pill casings.

    Emma is so lucky to have parents who were able to not only questioned what said was true about autism but so passionately champion acceptance. Acceptance should be an off course for humans but that it isn’t so is what keeps people trying.

  37. Emma, I hope you will share your ideas and thoughts more. You did a great job expressing something hard for neurotypicals to understand. Thank you. You have helped lots of people, people with autism and people who are not autistic.

  38. Emma, thank you for sharing with us. You are a wonderful writer! You have been working so hard and I know your family is so proud of you!! You are an inspiration to so many other kids and parents. I will show my daughter Olivia what you wrote and maybe someday she will be able to share her thoughts and feelings with us someday too. Lots of love to you and your family!!!

  39. Thank you Emma

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  41. Thank you Emma! I am going to ask Savannah to read your post! Like many others who have commented, the line “autism is a method of energy” is very powerful and makes a lot of sense.

  42. Emma,
    I am, what some consider to be a “tough” guy and don’t easily get emotional. That being said, you brought a few tears to this tough guys eyes. Keep up the good work young lady and keep smiling.


  43. Emma! I love your first blog post. ❤ I agree with you totally about autism being a method of energy. Our minds have to use energy differently than most people. That part made me really happy.

  44. You are beautiful, Emma! Don’t let anyone make you feel less than a whole person because of their own ignorance.

  45. Emma, I read this yesterday morning but it was a busy day so I didn’t get to tell you how much I like it. When your mom told me you wrote something for the flash blog, it made so happy I felt bouncy. It’s very important that everyone gets to hear what you and other young people think about being autistic. I really like what you wrote at the end of your post. Autism is me too and we are awesome. 🙂

  46. 💕✨💖💕✨💖💕💖✨ Emma, that is so lovely and happy and all good things! My mindset shall be to sing beautiful songs about you today! 💕✨💖💕✨💖💕✨💖✨

  47. Em and I were traveling all day yesterday, but we have read all your wonderful comments. Thank you so much, each and every one of them, and you, are appreciated. Emma wrote, “Thank you to everyone.”
    The adventure continues!

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  49. Thank you for the awesome post Emma. The world has a lot to learn from you.

  50. Emma, you are very right that it isn’t always seen as a nice thing and isn’t that a shame? It is who you are, and it is who I am, and it is who so many other wonderful people are. People like you and me and your parents and so many other people like us are going to change that. We are going to use our accepting eyes to change the way everyone can see autism, and who we are. You are a very talented writer as well as an inspiring young person. Thank you very much for letting your mother post this. I hope you will continue offering your brilliant thoughts and views to the world, because we all really need to see them.

  51. Very good thoughts on Autism, Emma. You are really typing well. I can tell your mom is very proud and so am I.

  52. Wow! Great post Emma maybe you should start your own blog.

  53. Does anyone know how we can access the flashblog? I would love to read all of the contributions but the only link I have found leads to info about submitting. Thanks so much!

  54. I am profoundly moved by your words Emma. I think the world is shifting & you are part of the shift. God bless you & your courage & heart & your mother’s never ending faith!

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