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Emma Shines a Light on Functioning Labels

“People think I am troubled and can’t decide whether I am low functioning or can’t make sense of the words I say, but either way they are wrong.  So whatever label I am given it is meaningless.  Neither one assumes my intelligence.  This confuses many.  What does a functioning label do for the person it supposedly describes?

“I can’t talk the way I think.  Where is the label for that?

“Why am I punished with a label that only detracts and doesn’t tell the truth about me?”

Earlier this year Emma wrote (from Emma Discusses Functioning Labels):

“Functioning labels are insulting to me.  And people like me do not like to have others label us as though we were meat at the market.

“I do not think Autistics should be given stamps of disapproval.   How would you like to be graded all the time?

“Money makes non-autistic people have a higher functioning label, but it is not a great way to measure the worth of a person or their intellect.

“I am more than any one thing.

“Most people do not behave well under the kind of pressure Autistic people must endure all the time.  A label belongs on a piece of merchandise, not on a human being.

“Do you think you function at a higher level than other people?

“Maybe others would not agree with you.

“Let us all  do the best that we can and stop othering everyone we decide is less capable.”

2010 in Colorado

2010 in Colorado