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Diversity Abounds

It's Spring!

Spring at the New York Botanical Gardens!


Orange Epidendrum ~ The Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Gardens


Pink Phaleanopsis


I can’t remember what the name of these orchids are.  Dendrobium, perhaps?  Richard gave me one years ago.  

I love orchids.  When I went to Thailand almost two decades ago, I was surprised to see orchids growing like weeds on the sides of the roads.  Something that is seen as exotic here in New York City was tossed into the backs of pick-up trucks in Bangkok.  Something that is thought difficult to grow, given the right climate flourishes in other parts of the world.

As I looked for an orchid to take home with me, I thought of diversity.  I thought about how some orchids require just the right light, just the right amount of water and soaking and humidity and how others require much less, but once its needs are met, all can and do flourish; just like us!