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Celebrating Gratitude

Emma and I discussed yesterday’s post and I asked her what she thought of the way I’ve described her as an “unreliable speaker.”  I haven’t liked how negative that sounds, though I have meant it more factually, and was not suggesting anything beyond those exact words.  She wrote, “Yes, unreliable.  Mostly talking other words even though not what I think.”

We discussed the comments many have written about believing her and how today is, for many, a day celebrating gratitude. I told her how grateful I was to be able to communicate with her.  She told me I could post some of what she wrote in response…

“Decade of ignorance dead. Deny ideas of intelligence can directly minimize the amount of self-worth one feels. I am grateful many are believing in me.”

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

This photograph of Emma was taken outside my old studio by Jackie Maillis.  Thanks Jackie!