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Listening to Emma

“Bad ear infection.”  This was the pronouncement made by the doctor who Emma saw yesterday.  Emma knew.  (Click ‘here‘ for a post about another time Emma knew and the only other time Emma had an ear infection.)  Emma told us to take her to the doctor.

We are relieved we made an appointment and sought help.  We are grateful to have her on antibiotics, which will ease her pain.  We are happy she is feeling better.  Those are the important points.  All the other words racing around in my head are less factual and more words that poorly convey my feelings of despair that I didn’t realize her pain was different than usual, that it meant something else was going on than a change in air pressure and anger with myself that I didn’t rush her to the doctor the minute the school called me two days ago.  My defensiveness, like the stereotypical white angel perched on one shoulder whispering, but you didn’t know, you couldn’t have known, is countered by the angel with devil’s horns yelling, “Yeah, but you should have!”  That dialogue or actually any dialogue that begins with – But you should have known – is better left elsewhere.

The art of the beat up job, something I could certainly write a handbook on at this point is not a message I am interested in perpetuating or sending.   What I am interested in is how I  might avoid a similar scenario in the future and take the necessary actions so that next time I can take care of my daughter in a more timely manner.   That’s interesting.  The beat up job is not.

Conclusion:  When Emma says, “Go see doctor.”  Immediately get her to the doctor.  Do not wait to see if things will get better.  Emma knows.  The cliché “better safe than sorry” leaps to mind.

This morning – Emma dancing to MJ’s Beat it 

Emma’s new-and-improved old string is back!