Life and Expectations

Wading into the world takes achingly long when comparing the expectation with the reality.  Vibrant expectations swirl and dance a tempting flurry of ease and take no time to build the skills needed in real life.  Disappointment embraces ecstatic expectation when stories walk along a more difficult path.  Finding the wonder and natural tempo in working to achieve shimmers and eventually outlasts fleeting expectation.


13 responses to “Life and Expectations

  1. It is tough but important to stay put and never give up!

  2. I so relate to this, Emma. I often have a very detailed visual of what I hope to accomplish and then am often terribly sad when I am unable to reproduce what is in my mind. But now that I’m old(er) I know that I have to begin somewhere, so the dream and expectation become the motivator for all the hard work and the time it will take me to practice and get good enough to get closer to the original vision.

  3. Two steps forward one step back: the dance of learning!

  4. You’re learning this early. I learned it older and had more cushions. Hard to stay this open and not shut down. BRAVA!!!!

  5. That last line sums it up so well Emma. There is more satisfaction in the road well travelled than the fantasy of effortless gains.

  6. I recently had to learn this the hard way. Thank you for showing me, with brilliant poetic beauty, the path through.

  7. we will learn to build without our hands! From the inside…

  8. That first line…that very first line…so timeless, so classic. I can imagine opening up a book a hundred years from now, and seeing that quote. Fantastic post, Emma.

  9. That is so true!
    Too often expectations never stand a chance of becoming reality because that very perseverance has been tossed by the wayside.
    Way to go Emma xx

  10. this reminds me of a favorite quote from teddy roosevelt, who once said, ” I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.”

    you, my dear, at such a young age, are already living this life incredibly well.


  11. Reblogged this on bunnyhopscotch and commented:
    Another beautiful piece of wisdom from Emma. Smell, touch and revel in the resonance herein!

  12. Missing you Emma!! I hope you’ll be able to blog more as we get into the school year (although I know that you are now homeschooled) 🙂

  13. My son uses an android app called Autism myCommunicator. It works great for him. Helps him communicate with me and my wife.

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