Poetry is Ballet in Words

Poetry is ballet in words.

Graceful, agile words, yawning and leaping while whispering and shouting all at once.

The ending is the beginning

like water colors

I had no access to any of it

no way to share the beauty


the dance

with no one to answer or interact

I was alone in the intense happiness

but now

I can choose to dance with others

when I want.

Poetry is Ballet in Words

12 responses to “Poetry is Ballet in Words

  1. So beautiful. I wish I could write poetry. I wish I could dance.

  2. I love your way with words, Emma. That words are ballet. I once read a definition of dance: movement and its opposite in time and space. I think sometimes we don’t make the space or time for the “opposite.” The absence of movement, the absence of words can be powerful. I know that having only the *opposite* is frustrating, but sometimes I think some people use too many words and forget to leave some space. My hope is that we can learn from one another, not rushing in to fill the space, but lingering there to feel what the space has to teach us. Thank you for continuing to teach.

  3. Watercolor words
    Dance together, become one
    Beautiful spectrum.

  4. Emma, I love the progression in this your poetry, your ballet in words. You begin with the universal, amazingly bold claims as to the world stage holding your dance in being. You pass through delicate movements,just so delightful. You introduce your self, in cadences of increasing intimacy and humility. All the time you open, never closing: words never your master; words made to dance.
    You are simply amazing.

  5. Beautiful.

  6. Your last lines are especially moving. Powerful writing, Emma!

  7. Linked Emma’s poem into a discussion about language. This poem expressing much (through its indwelt metaphor of dance) that I could not.

  8. Emma, someone in the discussion I mention above, who is herself a dancer, said about your poem: “There is so much I would like to say here but have been very busy today and still am , but would just like to let you know that ” poetry is ballet in words” is the most beautiful string of words i’ve heard in a while , and describes perfectly something I could not have expressed, yet utterly comprehend.”
    Anais Nin said: “The role of a writer is not to say what we can all say, but what we are unable to say.” You write what we “could not have expressed”, yet once you express in your writing we can “utterly comprehend”.

  9. Hi Emma! Where have you gone? I miss your new writings!

  10. Ditto Amanda! Emma, this post is great, however I’ve really missed the inspiration from your posts. I trust that you and your mom are doing something great but very time consuming, but I hope you can come back and post soon!

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