Happy Halloween!

For Halloween Richard is going to be a ghoul-ish executioner, complete with bloodied axe and lots of pseudo leather and chains.  We live in Chelsea.  He’s a big hit.  Nic will be a kind of adorable bunny gone rogue.  His pink bunny costume is covered in splattered blood and the bunny head makes it clear that the bunny has gone from prey to predator.  I will be a gangster. Yes I have the plastic tommy gun and black and white patent leather heels that match my black and white pinstriped suit and black fedora.  The only thing missing will be the platinum white hair, I’m sticking with my grey-blonde, thank you very much.  And Emma decided to be a wicked witch, complete with her “witchy-witchy” shoes, black and green striped knee socks, black witch’s dress, sort of like the one in the Broadway show – Wicked and black witch’s hat with black tulle, it’s all very witchy elegance at its finest.

When I asked Emma if she wanted to paint her face green, she looked somewhat horrified by the idea and then typed, “No thanks.”  She’s very polite.

Merlin does not need a costume and will go as is.


Halloween is a big deal here in New York City.  The halloween parade draws tens of thousands of people and our block is impossible to get to with all the police, crowds of people and barricades.  I would be happy to get dressed up and stay home, answer the door to the few children in our building who might ring the door bell and hand out treats.  However I am the only one who feels this way when it comes to going out for Halloween.

Even though I’m not big on the actual going from door to door and making my way through the crowds of people part of halloween, I do love preparing for Halloween.  I wrote a post about some of this on my other blog, Where Art and Life Meet and posted lots of wonderful photographs of pumpkin carving, halloween wreaths and halloween treats.  So for all you crafts and art lovers, go look at the photographs I posted.

I will end this post with a photograph of one of the many pumpkins we carved last weekend.  This one was made by Richard.  He did not use his executioner’s axe.

A Grinning Pumpkin made by Richard Long

A Grinning Pumpkin made by Richard Long


16 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. I feel we may need some pictures of this.

  2. I agree! Please post photos of each and everyone of you, separately and all together. That will be my Halloween since I’m not going anywhere and no one ever bothers to come all the way up here to my door.
    Happy Halloween everyone!

  3. It is a Minecraft year here! 🙂 Have a great time and yes, please post photos!

    • Oh all right, I will try to wrangle my group together for a group shot. But what does a mine craft costume look like?

      • With other kids a Minecraft costume might include a square cardboard head and body, all pixelated to look like a Minecraft character. In our house he designed his own character that looks just like him – t-shirt and jeans – so in effect, he is going as himself. I had to buy a foam sword and he was good to go. 🙂

  4. Bigger On The Inside

    Merlin is gorgeous. He looks like the keeper of many mysteries 😊

  5. Emma will just be Rain rather than Elphaba. : )

    (Rain is the granddaughter of the Wicked Witch, and she has her greenness hidden by a spell to protect her during the political wars of Oz in the last book of Maguire’s Wicked series, “Out of Oz.”)

  6. As H has been saying, I hope you have a Spooktacular Hallowe’en ❤

  7. I love the pumpkin – it never occurs to me to use the stem as part of the decoration – I will have to remember that for next year.

  8. Happy and scary Hallloween. Emma might be horrified by the idea of painting her face green because of sensory issues. I also dont put on sunscreen lotion, hand lotion, or makeup for this reason only.
    the crowds can be a problem for Emma too. I hate crowds.
    However, it all sounds like fun, and Merlin is a beautiful cat. cats dont need a custome. they dont need to dress up like mysterious, magical creatures, because they already are just that.

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