Emma’s Story Written Entirely On A Qwerty Keyboard!

Recently we painted both the kid’s bedrooms.  They each found the colors they wanted.  Emma chose a beautiful sea greenish blue and a luxurious red for the baseboard, exposed pipes and doors.  She picked out a gold-colored mesh to cover her new four-poster bed.  Her new room is beautiful and I have found myself wandering into it, just so I can soak up the beauty of her newly painted walls, her princess bed with golden, cascading canopy and all her stuffed animals filling the floor to ceiling bookshelves.

Yesterday during Emma’s RPM (Rapid Prompting Method) session Emma wrote that she intended to write a story.  I’m including a link here to the post I wrote not long ago entitled “How We Got Here” for those of you new to this blog.  This is the story Emma wrote by typing on a qwerty keyboard attached to an iPad.  This is Emma’s first full story written entirely on a qwerty keyboard!  And as always, Emma approved this post and the accompanying photograph of her room.

                               The Girl Magician

From the bedroom of a house in Southern Georgia, there lived a girl named Judy.  Her room was dazzling.  Her time was spent by herself, and she liked it that way.

She had visiting hours for family to check out the best room in the house.  When visiting hours were over, Judy got to work on secret projects.  She noticed that when she changed the color of her scarf, many other things changed also.  When the blue scarf attached to her, she became very talkative.  The orange one made her laugh and the brown one made her cry.

Judy wore a yellow scarf during visiting hours one day.  Family was calling her name, but they did not see her.  She was invisible.  Judy was someone with magic powers.

The End

The Princess Bed with bookshelf filled with animal friends.  Notice the newly painted blue walls with red trim!

The Princess Bed with bookshelf filled with animal friends. Notice the newly painted blue walls with red trim!

27 responses to “Emma’s Story Written Entirely On A Qwerty Keyboard!

  1. Love the story and the room make-over!

  2. I really enjoyed this story: it would be nice sometimes to have that yellow scarf. I love the princess bed! I wish I’d had a bed like that when I was growing up. 🙂

  3. What a wonderful story! Do I see a future interior designer? Such artistic flair!

  4. Love the bed and room colors 🙂 M’s room is a pale blue, and since he loves red, I painted several alphabets in it –
    also just found recently a story he had done on the school ipad. He said I could share it, but I’ve been hesitant about doing it on fb. I’m not sure it feels “right” just yet. Emma’s story reminds me of some of the magical fantasies from my own childhood – it’s so neat!

    • I was reminded too! I used to pretend that I had magical powers and always wanted to be the “witch” in whatever game my siblings came up with.

      • I would have been a Harry Potter nut had those books come out in the 80’s! Magic still carries me through the challenging days…hope it does for my kids too.
        M’s story has to do with “his” moon and what it would be like – I gather the prompt was from having read a book he liked.

  5. Lovely room! And the story is great too.

  6. I’ve got to admit, I want those bookshelves 🙂 My stuffed animals would love it! (I spend hours imagining exactly what I’m going to do with my bedroom when I one day own a house of my own. Because one day I will. And it will be spectacular.)

    I want a yellow scarf, Emma 🙂

    • E! I thought of you when I was trying to take a photograph that included the bed AND the bookshelves with all her stuffed animals as I remembered that you had many.

  7. As soon as Emma wrote the first few words, I looked at Ariane and we broke into such huge smiles. Southern Georgia? Where did she come up with that??? We’ve never been to Georgia (southern or northern), and as far as I an remember, we’ve never talked about it either. Our smiles got even bigger when she wrote: “Her room was dazzling.” Dazzling? Talk about literary flair!

    We both knew then that her story had been inspired by her new bedroom and we could tell how happy she must be in her magical, dazzling room. I felt a pang of sadness when she typed that she liked being alone in there. I wondered if it was because she had been isolated so much of the time by other people, including us. But when she wrote that the family was granted “visiting hours” I was beaming all over again. The lead characters in Emma’s stories are always female. They are strong. They are in control. They are the heroes. They are magical and powerful. Like Emma.

  8. I have a yellow scarf! It’s very beautiful. I’d love to take a picture of me wearing it, but you wouldn’t be able to see me. 🙂

  9. Stephanie James

    Emma speaks to my heart with her story. She makes me remember what it was like to be a girl at her age. It does not all have to be a time of strife and worry.It can be a magical time, full of wonder. You and Richard are encouraging her to enjoy the wonders and joys of her age and that is so precious for a time in all of our lives that is so fleeting.

  10. Emma, I love reading everything you write and how thrilling for you to be now starting to write using a keyboard. I’m sure it takes a lot of time and effort, but it must be exhilarating to be able to express your thoughts independently. Thank you for your words and stories that inspire me and so many other readers!

  11. Love the post and the “dazzling” story!

    xxoo Mom/Granma

  12. i lovewhat she does with words. she’s like a master painter. please thank her so much for sharing her stories with us. i’m grateful.

  13. I always leave here so hopeful, thank you to both of you. Loving Emma’s stories!

  14. What a beautiful story! Please tell Em how much I love it and how much i appreciate her every move, every keystroke it took to write that exquisite story. love to all, L

  15. Tell Emma that I need one of those yellow scarves myself. My congratulations as well!

  16. Beautiful story and so much deep meaning 🙂

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