An Essay by Emma

*Emma asked that I post this today.

Yesterday, during Emma’s RPM session (not with me, but with the person who does weekly RPM sessions with her) she was asked to talk about something where she compared and contrasted.

Emma wrote the following…

                             “Part of All Buildings”

“For thousands of years and as long as buildings have existed, walls are covered.

“Generational trends have shifted.  The idea of paint versus wallpaper is one to give attention to.  Ask yourself what has changed in trends.  Did you ever think to believe the walls around you influenced change?

“Wallpaper with precious patterns are torn apart in many current buildings.  Paint has won the walls of this generation.

“If you believe your environment can change parts of you, keep reading.

“I am wondering if those who surround themselves with precious patterns have bigger imaginations than those with simple paint.  It is easier to become friends with colorful patterns.

“They can both get dirty.  In wallpaper the wear becomes welcomed more.

“I can do the research and report back!”

Wallpaper versus Paint

Wallpaper versus Paint

20 responses to “An Essay by Emma

  1. “… won the walls of this generation.” This is strong wording Emma.

  2. Darn it. We just painted her room.

    • Might need to put up a wallpaper boarder or maybe chair rail style with wallpaper on one part. Alternatively, it maybe will just take some time to get used to the new walls whether they are patterned or plain. Plain lends to more patterns in posters/pictures.

  3. Hi Emma,
    I love being friends with beautiful patterns and designs and colour. Being surrounded in this way makes my heart beat more calmly and nurtures my imagination and creativity. I recently read somewhere that an environment with ‘clutter’ (filled with interesting things that we love) helps the creative process… ♥

  4. Bella spelled, “wallpaper sounds wonderful”.

  5. I always liked looking at, becoming engrossed in both strong, repetitive geometrical patterns and highly-detailed, intricate patterns. I think the second one is likely connected to my love of maps.

  6. Walls here have earthquake cracks from 2011. Walls are painted. Walls never had wallpaper. You can tell Emma this if you want.

  7. For myself I need to guard against too much incoming information so prefer plain walls. Just so everyone knows: there is NOT an “autism preference” when it comes to painted or papered walls. People with ASD diagnosis are just like people lacking ASD diagnosis when it comes to wallpaper preferences – some have preferences and some don’t, some prefer paint, some prefer paper and some prefer both, none or something else. The reason I am stating the obvious is because so many ordinary life things people have taken upon themselves to attribute to my autism over the years where that attribution didn’t have a home. Like I like pickles and ketchup on my hamburger, want to ride the elevator, or wear sweatshirts because of autism. So, please know that wallpaper is an individual preference and even if that individual happens to have autism it does not make wallpaper connected with autism or a preference of all autistics.

  8. “It is easier to become friends with colorful patterns.” How exactly true. And it made me think,it’s not just about paint and wallpaper either. In modern times, People seem to have really taken a liking to ugly buildings. I wonder if people would be happier if they saw more pretty things.

  9. haha so wonderful and awesome Emma 🙂

  10. Bravo–a written masterpeice.

  11. Are you sure you are only eleven?
    Love your writing!

  12. Hey Ariane, Emma could definitely be writing these things down making her books of thoughts/ poems/ essays and copy righting it. She has an exceptional talent. I feel like copying and pasting her thoughts and making a word file book of it just for myself. It is not only just what she says, there is a huge artistic value in it too, which, I’m sure you and Richard can see..
    I love the topic of this essay. I so remember when I as a kid (I’m 46) helped my grandparents long time ago choose a modern flowery wallpaper 🙂 ! So spot on.
    I do like that you put a line saying you’d appreciate the readers making the connections to this link.

  13. This is amazing. Oh yes it is obvious whose child she is with to incredibly talented and creative parents. WOW yet again.

  14. Hi Ariane, I hope you don’t mind me posting a question here for you but I really need some perspective. My son is 7 and can’t ride a bike and has no interest in riding a bike – he has a bike with training wheels but struggles along. We haven’t pushed him to do so but it seems society believes it is an essential accomplishment. I keep returning to my belief that people get by in life without riding a bike and some without learning to drive a car. Isn’t bike riding mostly for pleasure? Do you think I am doing him a disservice by not forcibly encouraging him or insisting? We insist he attends swimming lessons each week as we live in a part of Australia where drownings are commonplace and water everywhere and we view this as a survival skill. It seems enough to insist on learning this skill. Any insights? I don’t want to be neglectful of him but he is old enough to be adamant he isn’t interested. Thanks so much, Struth

    • Hi Struth, I don’t think you are wrong to insist he learn to ride a bike. If he is adamant about not learning to ride one, I would listen and respect his decision. He can always learn later, if he chooses to. 🙂

      • Thanks so much Ariane. I really appreciate getting another opinion that I respect! I am going to respect his decision and let him know if he ever wants to try I am happy to help.

  15. I should mention he has ASD and suffers from dyspraxia, making these skills difficult.

  16. “I am wondering if those who surround themselves with precious patterns have bigger imaginations than those with simple paint. It is easier to become friends with colorful patterns.”

    Pure, unadulterated awesomeness.

    I do not have wor

  17. I like to paint colorful designs in my room. If I can find an artist that can create something like this into my room then it would be nice.

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