Autism, AutCom, Huffington Post, Podcasts, Sprinkler Parks and Tea Parties

It was a jam-packed weekend.  Sunday Nic and Emma played together in one of the many sprinkler parks dotting this amazing city we are fortunate enough to call home.  (Not the sprinkler park.  Home, as in New York city… okay, you know what?  Never mind.  Just look at the adorable photograph.)

Yesterday, Richard and I spent the entire day at the Upublish BEA conference, which was pretty amazing.  Richard’s any-day-now-soon-to-be-listed-on-Amazon-five-star-Clarion-reviewed-amazing-genre-straddling-thriller, The Book Of Paul, will be available for public consumption soon and so this was a particularly relevant conference for him, and me as I am working on my book about Autism, our family and Emma.  I know – do we really need another book about autism?  I’m thinking we do, particularly after reading some of the comments on my most recent piece on Huffington Post, The Depiction of Autism and Why it Matters.
Meanwhile the wonderfully fun and up-for -anything Jackie, adored by both our children, took the kids to various parks and swimming.  She then invited Emma to a tea party celebrating her arrival to New York five years ago.  (This is the kind of thing we New Yorkers do, throw parties to celebrate our moving to this wonderful city of ours.)
Emma, thrilled with any event that affords her the opportunity to wear one of her pretty dresses, was extremely pleased.
Meanwhile halfway through the Upublish conference, I received an email inviting me to speak at the upcoming AutCom conference this October, which will be held in Maryland this year.  I am honored and look forward to it!
Friday afternoon my piece The Depiction of Autism and Why it Matters was published on the Huffington Post.  By Sunday it was getting some attention on Facebook and so they bumped it up on HuffPo, giving it a more prominent place on their Health News home page.  A large number of Autists commented, for which I am grateful, both for their perspective and support, but also because, as one of my favorite people, Ibby said, “You’ve found your daughter’s people.”
Finally, the interview I gave on Friday (my first podcast!) with Bryn Johnson of WebTalkRadio – Business Cafe – When a Passion Leads to a Business with guest Ariane Zurcher  is now available for your listening pleasure.  The first half is about business and being an entrepreneur and the second is almost exclusively about this blog and autism.

12 responses to “Autism, AutCom, Huffington Post, Podcasts, Sprinkler Parks and Tea Parties

  1. You go gurl! Wow. What great news and so many exciting events going on. I will be reading, watching and listening. Can’t think of a more worthy person. Congrats all around!

  2. Thanks so much Charlotte!

  3. Many Many congrats and blessings to you!!!!!!!!!!! I totally agree with Charlotte! So well deserved! We can all say we knew you when!! :O) Look forward to the day I can come and watch you speak myself!! Fabulous!!!!! ps…love the pics!!! 🙂

    • Ahh… thanks so much Becky. When they emailed, I thought of you and your story of when you went to that conference on Autism. I really wish people could post pictures on their comments. I’d love to see everyone else’s photos. Blogs are unfortunately one-sided in that way.

  4. Glad Emma enjoyed the tea party and got to wear one of her party dresses!

  5. So happy Emma enjoyed the tea party and got to wear one of her party dresses!

  6. I am on facebook under Becky Pease if you ever want to be my friend! 🙂 I am a picture freak!! :O)

    • Becky, there are more than half a dozen of you. Maybe I’m easier. Besides, you’ll be able to see my photo to identify me. I believe there are THREE of me at the moment on Facebook. How bizarre is that? I will await your friend request.

  7. I’m heading over there right now, friend!

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