The Audio Book is Finished!

Barb’s audio book is finished!  Ol’ Barb had me quoting Shakespeare, Stephen Hawking, Ralph Waldo Emerson and many others, as well as her own words…  It was an incredible process, with me wearing headphones, seated in front of a microphone in the sound room (or as I called it – the cave), while Barb and Lois (with Chad, the wonderfully upbeat and accommodating sound/tech guy sat in an adjoining room with a huge picture window so we could see each other) gave me direction, sometimes with hand signals, but more often with Barb typing her instructions, which Lois then read.  Chad alerted me to any technical issues that arose such as when a word sounded scratchy or slightly garbled or if I forgot a word or said a word incorrectly.  All in all it took more than 20 hours, probably more than 30 all told to record.

I am told the audio version of I might be you will be available for purchase and your listening pleasure by next week, but I will leave a link here when I have one.

In other news… I am doing a webinar on Parenting Toward Acceptance, Monday April 1st at 4:00 PM  for DIR Floortime, ICDL with Brenda Rothman, Mother and Blogger – Mama Be Good and Melody Latimer, Mother, Blogger – AS Parenting, Autistic Self-Advocate and Director of Community Engagement, Autistic Self Advocacy Network, ASAN.  I will leave a link Monday morning when I have one.  Until then have a lovely weekend everyone!

7 responses to “The Audio Book is Finished!

  1. Yay!!!!! And in Emma news…I figured out how to get her blog on Facebook. I feel like I climbed a mountain.

  2. Congrats!!! What a wonderful service, and lots more work than most of us would ever figure.

    • Barb! As I said to Lois, I went into this project repeating a line from St. Francis Asissis, hoping I could be “a channel of thy peace”. If I accomplished even a part of that, I am pleased.

      It was an honor. Truly. An honor.

  3. Buying fingers at the ready. Can’t wait to hear you WASPing up the sexy parts. Barb, will you friend me on FB or twitter so I can meet the real you pretty please? Ask Ariane, I’m mostly nice.

  4. cool blog that makes interesting read.

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