Everything takes practice.  Learning to sit with my fears, takes practice.  Learning to not say something that might be hurtful takes practice.  Learning how to best help my child takes practice.  Learning to disagree with my husband and not do harm takes practice.  Learning to feel compassion for those who harm me takes practice.

Everything I have learned in life, I’ve had to learn over and over.  I seldom get it the first time.  I’m a slow learner.  I know this.  I can admit this without shame.  It all takes practice.


I am never going to do any of this perfectly.  But I will always continue to practice.

Sleeping Muse – Constantin Brancusi 1910

*Sleeping Muse

6 responses to “Practice

  1. Learning to give my son time to answer and not jump in and answer for him is the thing that I have to practice the most. He’s 15 and I still sometimes find myself doing it. Practice practice practice.

  2. SO true. I’m practicing stillness…letting other people talk while I only listen. HARD!!!

  3. You’re not alone all of us need to practice everything we do in order to get better at it today I wheeled myself from the dinning room to my bedroom it took me 40 minutes but I did it and tomorrow I will get up and try to wheel myself a little further in the hopes that someday I will be able to wheel myself around with ease.

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