“Autistic People Should…”

Today is “Autistic People Should…” flash blog day!  Please take the time to read these terrific posts by Autistic people who are blogging in to change the current views by non-autistic people of what Autistic people should or should not do or be.  Autistic people are taking these three words today and making them their own.

The Autistic People Should… Flash Blog

To give all of you an idea of what comes up if one types “Autistic people should” into a google search box at the moment ~


This has to change.  WE can change this, all of us, together, by spreading the word, sharing the flash blog link, tweeting the posts.  Let’s help change the way we think about autism and Autistic people.  We ALL benefit when we work toward ending oppression and respecting every person’s right to exist.

10 responses to ““Autistic People Should…”

  1. Ariane, I totally need a computer tutorial!!! Emma just wrote her blog and I don’t know how to share links….no laughing please.

  2. It’s in the queue and will be also on the blog roll of the Flash blog! I also have tweeted and shared it. Happy Birthday Emma. 💝

  3. Be happy functioning valuable members of society!

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  5. Autistic People Should…. Meet Ariane! Because Flap! Flap Flap!

  6. I wonder: how do you figure abortion into the “right to exist”? What about euthanasia? Infanticide (like that kind we see practiced in the Netherlands, though it certainly isn’t called infanticide)?

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