The Magic of This Moment

Early this morning:

Nic: I’m late!  Gotta go Mom.

Me:  Okay,  babe.  Have a great day!

Nic:  I love you.

Me:  Love you!  Bye babe.

Emma:  Love you, Nicky..

Nic:  I love you Em.

Emma:  Bye bye

Just another typical conversation, right?

Um no.  No.  Not at all.  Nothing typical about it.  This.  This is why I don’t envy any other family, this is what I treasure about MY family.  This is exactly why, this conversation, this seemingly common, innocent, no-big-deal conversation…. yeah.  Because this conversation has never been uttered before until this morning.  And weirdly Nic and I were talking just five minutes before, while the three of us had breakfast about the importance and magic of being present.  We were discussing how this moment, right now, this second will never be repeated.  We may have moments like it, but this one?  Nope.  Never again.

And as we were talking about all of this, Nic interrupted me and we had the above conversation, the one I’ve just transcribed.  It may seem un-noteworthy to many of you, you may be thinking, so what?  Or who cares?  But to me, this conversation that other families have, perhaps on a daily basis and don’t think twice about, they are little nuggets of pure gold because these moments with my children are gifts, each one of them, pure gifts that I am so lucky to have.

In Buddhism there is emphasis on being present and practice and it isn’t easy.  It’s  a simple concept, but definitely not easy for most of us to actually do.  And yet, when I am able to really show up for this moment the joy is beyond description.

I will leave you with one more snippet.

Later this morning as Em and I walked toward her school, we stopped at a red light.  As we waited she linked her arm through mine.  Not a single word was exchanged.  We waited, a mother and daughter, side by side for the light to turn green and once it did we made our way to the entrance to her school.  As Emma entered the gymnasium where the children and teachers were waiting, one of Em’s classmates called out, “It’s Emma.  Yay!  It’s Emma.  LOOK!  Look!  It’s a cupcake, I love cupcakes!”

And Em looked back at me and grinned before running to greet her friend.

The Cupcake Hat

16 responses to “The Magic of This Moment

  1. You know, I am a devout scrapbooker. It’s all about capturing moments. Most people really only scrapbook pictures. Not me! I’ll make a scrapbook page of anything. School projects, lists of song lyrics I like, whatever. I recently did a scrapbook page of Jesse’s last letter to the tooth fairy – it said –

    Dear Tuthfairy Can I have stretchy poweres pleasee Thank You.

    By Jesse

    I mean, come on, when will that movement ever come again? I have a wallpaper on my cell phone that shows Ziggy, the cartoon character, and it
    says “Live in the Now” – and I’m trying so hard to live up to that philosophy!
    Thanks so much for this reminder!

  2. What a thoughtful post. I love the simple, what some would call the ordinary. I don’t see and clearly you don’t see the ordinary as mundane, as something to be passed over. You celebrate that which so many pass by while they wait for some sort of magnificence? Ironic isn’t it. And I must add as well, you do a fantastic job of writing about what you touches you in your life and by doing so, you elevate it to art.

  3. You should always revel in the simple pleasures because the huge and magnificent ones come along only very rarely.

  4. I love that you wrote about this today! Just yesterday my oldest daughter was leaving and said, ” bye Lawson, love you!” She was expecting him to echo her… I heard her shriek from the other room. “Mom! Lawson said ” bye Sissy, love you”. I am so blessed to be witness to my children’s lives.

  5. Being present and in the moment, and just this morning, not 2 hours ago, my study group at the Chapel were watching a DVD by Tal Ben Shahar on Happiness. It’s worth watching for all those “cupcakes” out there who find themselves feeling stressed, unable to focus, losing quality of life when quantity overwhelms…
    Do you believe in serendipity? in coincidence? in cupcakes?

    xxoo Granma

  6. gramma paul I believe in cupcakes.

  7. So do I, and so do many TV watchers, otherwise why would there be “cupcake competitions” on the Food channel? Sometimes called “cupcake wars”. I put my money on Emma every time. She is a hands-down winner.

  8. Erin would LOVE THAT HAT!!! :O) I had a very present moment with Brett last night. He rarely comes to me to just be with me if that makes sense. Last night he just walked right over and put his head down on my arm and STAYED there. He was ok with me rubbing his head and kissing it etc…it only last about 10 seconds but that was an eternity for us. He picked his heard up while I said, love you buddy and gave me a big smile and went on his way. Just those moments that make you feel like the world is just as it should be! Love it! 🙂

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