Autism, Huffington Post and Getting Away to The Cabin

As I wrote yesterday – please be sure to read my most recent post on Huffington Post.  It is the introduction to a series of posts written by autists throughout the month of April.  Share the link, tweet, “like” and comment!

Last Friday Emma said, “Mommy, I want to go to the cabin please.” And since going to the cabin isn’t nearly as arduous as it sounds, we decided to go for a sleepover Saturday night.

It’s “rustic” but sleeps four comfortably and the kids love going there, particularly Emma.

Emma grabbed the heaviest pack and began tromping through the snow.

Once we arrived, she wasted no time getting comfortable.

Despite the fact it was broad daylight and there were lots of weird insects flying around, many of them inside the cabin.  Nic took enormous pleasure in shooshing all the bugs and moths outside, while Emma, Richard and I sat together in the rocking chairs.  Point a camera toward Emma and she makes her “say cheese” face.

We tried to get Emma to look at the clouds. They were like nothing I’d seen before.  As though each had it’s own rainbow.

But Emma was much more interested in sitting on the porch railing with her brother.

And looking out at the mountains.

When we woke up the next morning, Emma said, “Go back to Granma’s house, eat breakfast, go swimming in the indoor pool, make cake, pack and go back to the cabin!”

“But we haven’t even left yet!”

“Go now,” Emma said.  Then as she was packing up, she said, “Come back later.”

Makes sense to me.

5 responses to “Autism, Huffington Post and Getting Away to The Cabin

  1. Wow what a beautiful family! What a handsome husband! Ha!

  2. Exactly – who IS that handsome man? Oh lucky me, lucky me….

  3. Love the pics! 🙂

  4. I can see why Emma wanted to go to the cabin. Have shared your Huffington Post story but have not manged to post a comment yet.

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