SpyGear, Flamingos, Freedom Tower And My Handsome Husband

Update:  Emma arrived safely at her new school via the school bus this morning!  The tracking device, surveillance cameras, James Bond style secret pen with microphone hidden in her backpack, spy cam disguised as trendy sunglasses and stress relieving songs of the humpback Whale downloaded (for me) worked wonders…  (Just kidding)

I encouraged Emma to rehearse with me this morning what she might say if the bus didn’t take her to the correct school again and Em, never one to pass up an opportunity to perform, said in a loud, clear voice, while dramatically gesticulating, “You’re going the wrong way!  You have to go this way!  I go to new school..  I go to ______  (name of her new school)!”  Then she beamed at me as I applauded and cheered.

Yay Emma!

Emma in her favorite Flamingo costume last night on the roof

Playing with Daddy who donned Emma’s hat as though it were a feathered pith helmet.  Can we all just gasp in appreciation at Emma’s magenta tail feathers! 

The light was so beautiful last night – A glimpse of the Empire State Building

And to the South, Construction of Freedom Tower Continues..

And finally my handsome husband…  who was engaged in an animated conversation with our son, Nic (off camera) about his, just released and new favorite, video game – Borderlands2

26 responses to “SpyGear, Flamingos, Freedom Tower And My Handsome Husband

  1. Ha! I thought you were serious about all the spy cams and thought “Wow, great idea!” Can you tell I’m jaded? WTG, Emma!!!!

    • Ha! A whole new twist on that whole “helicopter Mom” accusation!

      • Enough problematic stuff happens with people abusing autistic people that I didn’t realize it was a joke either for a while. Because… there are schools where that would be a good idea, which is sad. Glad Emma isn’t at one of those!

        • Really sad, and of course accurate as well. I think if one begins shopping for surveillance equipment it’s probably a pretty big red flag that this is not a safe environment. On the other hand, the school bus situation is ridiculous and horrible stuff happens quite often, so that needs to change.

  2. Happiness all around!!! 🙂 Love it, love it, love it!

    p.s. Can I borrow Emma’s magenta tail feathers? They go PERFECTLY with the sweater I plan to wear Monday on the campus tour we are taking in Boston. The school will definitely let Meg in when they see how stylish of a family she comes from…the do say they value independent thinking!!! 🙂

  3. I thought so too, and I thought “there’s my clever daughter! So inventive! Emma dressed up like an undercover agent!” WTG!!

    Granma 🙂 🙂 😀 LOL Am I getting into the modern 21st century world, or what?

    • Mom. You’re scaring me. 😱 Seriously. This kind of behavior has got to stop. Kwim? (you can google that one, I had to..)

      You were always way ahead of your time, Mom, so this behavior doesn’t surprise me in the least. 👍
      💜💜💜 😄

  4. Your husband really is quite dashing. You’re a very lucky lady.

  5. we are at emma”s school, taking a quick break while she is refocusing while she takes her first exam ever in a “inclusive, neurotypical, whatever label” class called roman history (oy vey). go emma, ariane, family!!! and shhh…my emma says”i love you too”. and yes, she will be writing to henry…

  6. Good luck on the exam Emma! Yay!! Henry wrote my Em such a great letter. She sent him a drawing back. So great! We’ve got the beginnings of a pen pal club!

  7. Way to go, Emma! You know, theater can be great for us autistic people – where else will you get to be taught how to act physically and emotionally, be provided with appropriate scripts, and get to put our amazing memories to work? Plus theater folks are some of the most open, kind, and inclusive people I know. It’s a pity I’m a terrible performer. (Except music. I’m pretty good at playing music in front of people). I really hope you can find a theater program for her to join in with! I think it would really benefit Emma, plus, I bet she’ll love it. 🙂

    • Every time Emma dresses up, which is every day when she gets home, I think about the theatre. I’ve told her school I would like to help set something up, but so far, there isn’t any interest. I may have to start something myself. 😳

  8. Excellent! And my god, what a pretty rooftop deck you have. (And pretty feathered family, too, but that goes without saying.)

  9. love the pictures , thank you for posting 🙂 so happy things went better.

  10. Love the pics! So completely jealous of your roof top! :O) I love the flamingo costume!!!!!! With feathers like that, I could totally rock my upcoming costume party!!!!! Awesome!!!

  11. All these comments are so cheery and wonderful! Such happy bus news, happy family pics, and what a view! Great shots. You are all so adorable:)
    So glad you took some down time, too! XO!

  12. Love the pics. Being the sheltered Midwesterner that I am, I’ve never traveled to NYC…or much of anywhere, for that matter! Maybe someday! It’s so cool to see pics of the Freedom Tower clicked by someone I know. Your rooftop deck is goregous, I must agree!

    Emma is STUNNING in the feathers! 😉 You can tell she really lights up when she has a costume on. And yes, your hubby is a handsome fella!

    Risa did great at school today – they took a field trip to the apple orchard and she LOVED the hayrack ride. I think a trip to the pumpkin patch might be in order for this weekend! (Lol, just realizing I’m not improving my “redneck image” here – apple orchard and pumpkin patch, indeed!)

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