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SpyGear, Flamingos, Freedom Tower And My Handsome Husband

Update:  Emma arrived safely at her new school via the school bus this morning!  The tracking device, surveillance cameras, James Bond style secret pen with microphone hidden in her backpack, spy cam disguised as trendy sunglasses and stress relieving songs of the humpback Whale downloaded (for me) worked wonders…  (Just kidding)

I encouraged Emma to rehearse with me this morning what she might say if the bus didn’t take her to the correct school again and Em, never one to pass up an opportunity to perform, said in a loud, clear voice, while dramatically gesticulating, “You’re going the wrong way!  You have to go this way!  I go to new school..  I go to ______  (name of her new school)!”  Then she beamed at me as I applauded and cheered.

Yay Emma!

Emma in her favorite Flamingo costume last night on the roof

Playing with Daddy who donned Emma’s hat as though it were a feathered pith helmet.  Can we all just gasp in appreciation at Emma’s magenta tail feathers! 

The light was so beautiful last night – A glimpse of the Empire State Building

And to the South, Construction of Freedom Tower Continues..

And finally my handsome husband…  who was engaged in an animated conversation with our son, Nic (off camera) about his, just released and new favorite, video game – Borderlands2