Jerusalem in Photographs

Richard’s “I falafel”  joke struck back.  He spent the day sick in bed while I spent the day seeing all of this.

A day in photos…

Entrance to Church of All Nations

Mount of Olives (A massive cemetary)  As I climbed the narrow street along the cemetary, a man with a donkey appeared.

Tree of Thorns outside the Dominus Flevit Chapel

Dominus Flevit Chapel (“The Lord Wept”)  The dome designed in the shape of a tear drop as Christ was said to have sat nearby and wept over the fate of Jerusalem.  David, the nice gentleman who allowed me to come into the Chapel, despite the fact they were closed to tourists said, “You may sit here out of the hot sun while I feed my dogs.  If you like you may say a prayer.  Just don’t cry.”  To which I said, “Thank you so much.  I’ll sit right here,” I pointed to a little wooden chair.  “But I’ll save my tears for that scary looking tree you pointed out earlier.”  He laughed and left me to care for his dogs.

Archaeological Site in Front of St. Anne’s Church  Just to the right are stairs descending to the Pool of Bethesda where Christ is said to have carried a paralyzed man and cured him.

Kitty – A great many cats running wild in Jerusalem.  Most are pretty mangy looking, but this one was particularly cute.

A Side Street off Via Dolorosa – Notice the red neon tattoo sign.  A perfect example of the meeting of ancient and modern

YMCA (Pronounced “imca”) Built in 1926- 1933 by the same man who created the Empire State Building, Arthur Loomis Harmon, Jerusalem’s YMCA is a wonderful example of embracing differences, working together to create something larger than any one group, religion or people.  The auditorium beneath the dome has lighting fixtures each illuminating a different image – the star of David, the cross and a crescent.

9 responses to “Jerusalem in Photographs

  1. Thanks for the photo tour. I work for the YMCA but my building sadly looks nothing like the one in Jerusalem! 🙂

  2. It’s interesting that the cats are mangy there. I stayed in Bangkok for several months. The dogs are mangy and if you get out into the rural areas of Thailand the dogs are wild and some have rabies. But the cats all over the country there are really cute, tiny little Siamese cats, and they wander through the open-air restaurants. People feed them and play with them, but almost nobody keeps them as pets. Cats in Thailand are treated about like squirrels are treated in the US, but they are much cuter than squirrels.

    • Yes, they don’t appear to be kept as pets, but roam about freely, wild, some in horrible states of dishevelment, even balding from fleas and hungry, but some look well fed and happy.

  3. Great pictures- enjoying hearing about your adventure Ariane.

  4. Enjoying the pics! You wouldn’t want to back up accidently in to that tree!! OUCH! :O) I hope Richard is feeling better! 😦

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