Amanda Boxtel

Last night Richard and I went to a launch party here in New York City of Ekso Bionics with a live demonstration by Amanda Boxtel.  Amanda was in a skiing accident over 20 years ago, which left her a paraplegic.  For more than two decades Amanda has lived her life from a wheel chair.

This photo is out of focus and does not do Amanda justice.

Amanda demonstrates the power of Ekso Bionics

This quote is from Amanda’s website.

“Imagine wanting something so badly for years and years—fluctuating between acceptance of what is and hope for something better.  Imagine if that one thing you longed for is to stand tall with your legs supporting your full body weight, and then taking your first step.”

When we took Emma to Costa Rica for her first stem cell treatment, fluid seeped from her spine into her blood stream.  Suddenly she was in excruciating pain and Richard and I were terrified.  Amanda wrote me and her letter, one of many I have kept, was a calm voice of strength and reassurance.  Amanda has been to India six times for stem cell treatments.  She is an inspiration and source of hope for all.

Watching Amanda stand and then walk last night was a visual confirmation of what is possible in this world, if we never give up.  I think of Amanda often as I work with my daughter, Emma. Writing is difficult for Emma, it does not come easily.  But then walking does not come easily to Amanda either and yet she has never allowed that to slow her down.

Emma’s writing from this morning

For more on Emma’s journey through a childhood of autism, go to:

2 responses to “Amanda Boxtel

  1. Beautifully written my beautiful Angel-friend, Ariane. Thank you to you and Richard for attending last Thursday night’s launch party in New York City. It was AMAZING to look you in the eyes and give you a precious heart-to-heart hug. This is the first chance that I’ve been able to email you as it’s 2 am in London and I can’t sleep. Please know how much I respect you as a mother, a parent, and for never giving up for your little Emma. We are launching Ekso in the UK and Europe. Your blog entry compels me to keep going, always in pursuit of new possibilities. I love you so much. xo Amanda

  2. It meant everything to me to see you stand and walk. You have and continue to inspire me to reach for the stars when it comes to my Emma. I love what you wrote on your website – “Imagine wanting something so badly for years and years—fluctuating between acceptance of what is and hope for something better.” That’s exactly what I do with Emma every moment of every day. I adore you. With all my love,

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