“Which one, Em?  The witch’s shoes or your Uggs?” I said, holding up her black Uggs.

“This one,” Emma said pointing to the black, pointy-toed shoes with large brass buckles I bought for her from the costume shop a month ago.

“She’s such a girl,” Richard whispered, smiling broadly.

Emma jammed her feet into the witchy shoes, looked down and said with a certain degree of satisfaction, “There!”

Then she hopped on her scooter and whipped around our living room.

Emma on her scooter in costume

Last year for Halloween, Emma wanted to be a witch as well.  This year, however, she said matter-of-factly, “Pretty Witch.”

And a pretty witch she is.

One response to “Halloween

  1. Paula from Aspen

    And guess what Granma’s going to be?
    Wearing a spirithood (wolf) and my Grandfather’s white nightshirt with glued on woolly puffs covering most of it, white legs sticking out and black shoes?
    A wolf in sheep’s clothing, of course!

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