To Pee or not to Pee

That’s the question at the top of my worry list today. For all those who have been reading Ariane’s recent posts about the ongoing bedtime saga, we can now add another challenge to the hurdles we’re trying to jump in getting Emma to sleep through the night in her own bed.  So in addition to the ‘ear thing’ the screaming, invading Nic’s bedroom and taking over ours, she has now peed in her bed for the last two nights in a row.

When she had her first accident the night before last I chalked it up to missing the second void of the double void nighttime routine (she pees once and then a half hour later pees again before going to bed). Ariane was out and I was reading to Nic in his bed. When I came back for Emma she had fallen asleep, missing void #2. Then she came into our room during the middle of the night with no clothes on I knew she had wet the bed, but I immediately associated her accident with the last time she wet the bed, when she also missed the double void. No big deal I thought. So we triple voided before bedtime last night just to make sure.

But she wet the bed again.

“I wonder if she did this in retaliation for making her stay in her own bed,” I said, stuffing the sheets into the washer.

Ariane thought I was being crazy/paranoid and we got into a squabble over that, but the bottom line is we’re going back to putting the ‘pee alarm’ on her again which I have to say feels like such a HUGE step backward.

“That means she has to sleep in here with me tonight because if the alarm goes off I have to help her,” Ariane said. “And if there’s any truth to her doing this to be manipulative, then she won. She got exactly what she wanted and is sleeping in here and you’re sleeping in her room. Plus, I’ve got this trunk show tomorrow and I have to get some sleep.”

“Well Nic is away on an overnight field trip so I’ll sleep in Nic’s bed with the door open, so I’ll hear the alarm going off in her bedroom and help her get to the toilet,” I said in a low grumble.

“Yeah and then you’ll have a big resentment against me,” Ariane argued.

“No I won’t,” I answered, not sure if I was bluffing.

So another two steps forward and one BIG step back, and I am bummed that it’s on the pee battlefront. I sooooooo wanted that to be over once and for all — one less thing on the depression list, one more plus in the progress report.

Tough tahooty. It is what it is. My big prayer is that once we pin the alarm to her underwear and nightshirt that she’ll remember how well she’d been doing and how much she doesn’t want to wear that uncomfortable contraption anymore. My other big prayer is that I won’t be resentful no matter what happens. We shall see.

Oh, the glories of sleeping in your own bed with your gorgeous, wonderful, loving wife! Hopefully this is just a one night stand.

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