In Panama (Day 1)

It’s the rainy season here in Panama.  We’ve been told even by Panamanian standards this has been an unusually rainy one.  In fact, we just saw lightening and heard thunder close to the condo we’ve rented for the week.  To which Emma said, “Ohhh!  It’s thunder!  So scary.  It’s raining bubbles.   Now go swimming.  The swimming pool’s closed.”

All of this was said quickly without a pause.  I managed to confirm it was raining, but Emma seems to have the entire situation under control.

This morning we go into the clinic and speak with the doctors.  When we were in Costa Rica for round one they interviewed us, video taped Emma and then we went to the hospital to have fluid removed from her spinal column and blood drawn.   I believe this is the protocol for today as well.

When I arrived last night, Emma was sitting at a table in the living room listening to music on her ipod.  She turned and saw me enter the room, “It’s Mommy!  Mommy stay at Granma’s house,” she said.

“Emma!  Hi!!” I said.  I ran over to her and knelt down, “Emma!   I want a hug.”  I put my arms out and she leaned into me with a huge smile on her face.

“It’s Mommy!  Mommy stay at Granma’s house,” she said again.

“Yes, but now I’m here with you,” I said as I held her tightly to me.

“It’s Mommy!”  Emma whispered to me as she hugged me.

“I’ve missed you!” I whispered back.  I stood up with Emma’s arms still wrapped around me and twirled her around.  Emma laughed and wrapped her legs around my waist, gripping me even tighter as we twirled around and around.

It was a lovely welcome to a long day.

Later as we brushed her teeth she pointed to the reflection of me in the mirror and said, “It’s Mommy.”

I pointed to her reflection and said, “It’s Emma!”

Emma laughed.

As I tucked her into bed she said, “Night Mommy.”

I said, “Do you want me to lie down next to you for a minute?”

“Yes!”  Emma said, smiling.

I cuddled up next to her and put my arm around her waist.  She grabbed my hand and pulled my arm around her.  “Emma’s sleeping,” She whispered.

“I love you, Emma,” I said.   I waited for her to say, “So much.”  But she was already asleep.

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