Emma at Camp

These photos are from last year, but until I can get some photos from this year, they will have to do.

Emma leaping with abandon into the lake.

Playing “Wonder Ball”.  The children stand in a circle singing:  “Oh the wonder ball goes round and round, pass it quickly you are bound.  If you’re the one to hold it last you are out! Boom!  Boom!”

Emma loves this game and we have even played it at home seated on the floor of the living room.

Emma with one of two little girls who befriended her and made sure she was included.

Emma woke this morning, saw the grey sky and said, “Uh-oh!  No swimming!”  As swimming is her favorite activity I think she was worried they would not have enough to do.  Joe reassured her as they left to get on the bus that there would be plenty of other activities, including gymnastics, her second favorite thing to do!

One response to “Emma at Camp

  1. hi. just caught up on all the blog entries i’ve missed in the last few months. want to tell you how amazing it is to read your thoughtful, honest entries about your family, your marriage and emma’s life. you are a very special family. hope aspen is great today — can’t see how it wouldn’t be! we’re all doing well here. stephen

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