Nic Teaching Emma to Play the Piano

A few weeks ago Nic was playing “Hey Jude” on the piano.  “Hey Jude” happens to be one of Emma’s favorite songs, so Emma sang along as Nic played.  A little later, maybe the fifth or sixth time Nic ran through the first verse, Emma wandered over and stood beside him at the keyboard.  Every now and then she would play a note and look at him.  Within a few minutes she was seated at the piano and Nic was teaching her the notes.  (That’s Nic’s hand on the right side of the photo showing Emma which note to play.)

In the beginning Nic helped her by prompting her to find the correct notes, but after a few times, she was “prompting” herself.

This is an instance when her ‘perseverative’ behavior pays off.  After much practicing the notes Nic showed her, Emma was able to play the first verse of “Hey Jude”!


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