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Trapeze, Knitting and New York City

“Put it on the blog!” Emma said, happily.  And so I am.

Emma has been going to trapeze school for several years now and loves it.  Absolutely loves it.  Yesterday she told me she’d like to learn how to fly an airplane and learn to knit.  I can’t help her out with learning to fly a plane, though one of her uncles can, BUT I can help her out with knitting as I learned from my mother and during a brief period in my life when I was a fashion designer, I designed…  wait for it… yup, that’s right.  Knitwear.

In fact, I used to be a contributing editor at Elle Magazine where they featured a hand knit with the pattern on the back of the page.  This was long ago, as Emma would say, and for a short time, I had my own page where once a month I designed a hand knit and it was photographed like this… A beige hoodie, which originally I had designed to have a faux fur trim around the edge of the hood, but my boss nixed that idea and so I had to remove the knitted trim.


GreenknitThis was during the 8o’s when magazines like Elle gave editors like me a car and driver.  Remember this is New York City where having a car and driver at your disposal is something people only dream of.  It was at a time when CBGB’s reigned and Studio 54 was a place many of us had danced in.  The meatpacking district was still used to slaughter meat and transvestites and transexuals hung out just west of it on the edges of the Hudson River.   Times Square was considered squalid by most and Nell’s Nightclub was in full swing.

It was a different time in New York City.  Yarn shops flourished.  On the subway, it wasn’t unusual to see people knitting, and I was one of them.

So yes, Emma.  I will teach you to knit.